2020: The Year of Bad Bunny

Millions of Spotify streams and three successful, record-breaking albums including his latest El Último Tour del Mundo prove 2020 was the year of Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny crocs

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Millions of Spotify streams and three successful, record-breaking albums including his latest El Último Tour del Mundo prove 2020 was the year of Bad Bunny. With his love for his fans and his ever-changing style, el Conejo Malo is the ultimate reggaetonero. He not only has everyone believing he’s amazing, but he actually IS amazing. As in, he does stuff like win Latin Grammys and stop New York traffic for a virtual concert. Who else has done that? More importantly, he literally dgaf what anyone has to say about his support for the LGBTQ+ community or his gender-bending style. So in honor of this untouchable artist and all the ways he killed it this year, we’ve compiled some of his top moments of 2020. Congrats to Benito for being our favorite bunny in the business and for creating records that make us want to perrear hasta que salga el sol.


Super Bowl Performance with Shakira in Miami


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Our prayers never felt more answered than when the NFL announced that Shakira and JLo would be performing in the Super Bowl Halftime Show. There had been rumors swirling that Bad Bunny would be making a special guest appearance but we didn’t want to get our hopes up. Then while we are watching Shakira IT HAPPENS, Bad Bunny comes out and we starting thinking, God is real. Critics all over even said that the show was a major improvement from the previous year’s halftime. Bad Bunny’s performance, alongside Shakira, JLo, and J Balvin, showcased Latin pride and cultural diversity.


Bad Bunny Crocs

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Bad Bunny’s creativity means he somehow managed to make Crocs stylish. Normally Crocs are perfectly fine for dads on vacation and the elderly but now they are socially acceptable on any occasion thanks to Benito. In September, Bad Bunny partnered up with Crocs and Finish Line to bring us a pair of glow-in-the-dark clogs with some cute Jibbitz like stars, planets, and, of course, the Bad Bunny symbol. Within sixteen minutes after going live, they were sold out. Shortly thereafter, Adidas reached out to him for a collab in 2021. If Bad Bunny can wear Crocs in live performances and in music videos then we guess we can wear them to da clubs (if they ever open again).


The Announcement of his Debut in Narcos: Mexico Season Three

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Move over Ms. Norbury, there’s a new drug pusher in town. That’s because Bad Bunny has been added to the cast of Narcos: Mexico season three. In May, Benito announced that he would be guest-starring in the series, playing rich-kid-turned-narco-junior Arturo “Kitty” Paez. He told Rolling Stone that he had actually begun shooting scenes for the show earlier in the year before the production was shut down due to the pandemic. Netflix has yet to release a date for the show but we know it will be fire.


Corona Commercial


Video: YouTube/CoronaUSA

The Bad Bunny Corona commercial gained a lot of attention since it was released in September. The commercial starts with Snoop Dogg walking on the beach as he receives a call on his shellphone (get it?). We are obviously expecting a pretty girl to answer, but it ends up being Bad Bunny on the other side. In August, Corona launched their “La Vida Más Fina” campaign, bringing back the brand’s Latino roots as well as honoring the increasing Latino population in the U.S.


Quarantine Nudes and IG Filters


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Celebrities are just like us, they take nude photos too except some won’t hesitate to show them off on social. During quarantine, Bad Bunny brought us some entertainment by sharing a couple of pictures of himself nude with only a towel covering his conejito on his Instagram. He continued to post pics of himself with different IG filters all while playing his own music in the background.


He Opened Up About His Battle With Depression


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During quarantine, Bad Bunny opened up about something that many of us may be feeling amid the pandemic especially. During an interview with journalist Santiago Matías of Alofoke, Bunny talks about how he wanted to disappear for a while because he didn’t enjoy what he was doing and he was unhappy. He went on to say that he was taking some time for himself and “stepping away from everything.” In another interview with ET, he said that he realized that quarantine would greatly affect mental health and that it was important to talk about it and motivate people to remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues.


Playboy Cover

Photo: Instagram/@playboy

Just when we thought Bad Bunny’s quarantine nudes literally couldn’t get more insane, he proved us all wrong. All of sudden, he shows up on the cover of Playboyand we immediately investigate every single detail. In July, Bad Bunny became the first-ever digital cover star with two covers. He also became the only man, besides Hugh Hefner, to appear solo on the cover. In the magazine, he opens up about his career, his albums, and his support for the LGBTQ+ community. Dressed as a Greek God, his nails did, and the iconic Playboy bunny logo, he proves why he’s a global sex symbol.


First-Ever Virtual Concert 


Video: YouTube/ReggaetonEntrenemiento

In September, Bad Bunny stopped New York traffic with the first-ever virtual concert. The two-hour event took place on a moving bus and aired on his YouTube channel and the Uforia Music app. He told Billboard that it was difficult for him to perform without an audience but he had to accept the new reality. The grand finale of his concert was when the bus stopped outside a hospital and Bunny gave thanks to the healthcare workers on the frontlines.


His Vocal Support for the LGBTQ+ Community


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Bad Bunny told the LA Times that “there are people who listen to reggaeton and love it and at the same time they have never felt represented within it.” Bad Bunny has led protests in Puerto Rico calling on the island’s governor to resign because of his attitudes towards gender and sexuality. He even called out Don Omar for making anti-gay comments. Bad Bunny tweeted that it was embarrassing that homophobia was happening in this day and age. For the video for his megahit “Yo Perreo Sola“, he dressed up in drag in support of the feminist movement that campaigns against gender-based violence.


He Dropped Three Surprise Albums 


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Uhhh, surprise? Bad Bunny released three new albums this year surprising even die-hard fans. The albums, YHLQMDLG, Las Que No Iban A Salir, and El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo, each featured our favorite reggaetoneros like Nicky Jam, Don Omar, Yandel,  and Jhay Cortez among others. In other words, all three albums are bangers. YHLQMDLG was the highest-charting all-Spanish album ever when it came out and the most-streamed Spanish album on Billboard. Las Que No Iban A Salir was released shortly thereafter and turned self-isolation into a global party. Bad Bunny actually replaced himself at No. 1 on the top Latin album charts. And last but not least, El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo was just released (Nov. 27) which is more of a chill, sentimental album he considers the most representative of who he is calling it “Benito’s album” during an interview. It made history when it became the first No.1 album in the Billboard album chart’s 64-year history that’s entirely in Spanish.


Cheetos Commercial


Video: YouTube/Cheetos

Bad Bunny’s new bestie is Chester the Cheetah in the new Cheetos commercial. Cheetos created this commercial as part of their “Deja Tu Huella” campaign – a campaign just for Latinos. In an interview with Billboard, Bunny says he is leaving his mark in many ways for the next generation. He also says that he wants to let everyone know that he is Latino and Puerto Rican and that he has left his mark well placed in the world. In addition to the commercial, Cheetos gave $500,000 to the Hispanic community through the Good Bunny Foundation.


He Won Several Major Awards including Latin Grammys


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Bad Bunny took over the Latin Grammys, being a nominee in basically every category. Not only did he win best reggaeton performance for “Yo Perreo Sola” but the Puerto Rican star performed in his homeland. He stepped out of a white Bugatti singing “Bichiyal” then went into fan-favorite “Si Veo A Tu Mama.” At the American Music Awards, Bunny virtually accepted the awards for Favorite Male Latin Artist and Favorite Latin Album (YHLQMDLG). And last but not least, he was nominated for two Grammy awards: Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album for both his X 100pre and Oasis albums.


Most Streamed Artist on Spotify

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2020 was a big year on Spotify for Bad Bunny – he got more than 8.3 billion streams globally. That’s a lot of music. We probably added to a solid percent of that number by listening to Bad Bunny on repeat. His album in particular YHLQMDLG got 3.3 billion streams, making it Spotify’s most-streamed album globally. The best part about this is that el Conejo Malo only sings in Spanish, aside from a few collabs with English-speaking artists. Latin music is on the rise and this accomplishment by Bunny makes it the first time an artist has never sung in English and still tops the year-end list.


Big Papi Cooking Show

Video: YouTube/SaturdayNightLive

In April, Saturday Night Live featured a sketch with Bad Bunny called “Big Papi Cooking Show.” In the skit, Keenan Thompson offers a cooking tutorial as former Red Sox player David Ortiz. He later introduces “Big Bunny” (played by Bad Bunny, duh) and tries to sell “big ass pots” and sweatpants. It’s hilarious and we already know Regina George would be his first customer.


COVID-19 Diagnosis 


Photo: Instagram/@badbunny & Instagram/@rollingstone

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse in 2020, Bad Bunny announces he’s tested positive for the ‘Rona. The news came after he canceled his performance at the American Music Awards in November. His publicist, Sujeylee Sola, told CBS News that he wasn’t showing any symptoms and that they were praying that it would remain that way. He was originally scheduled to perform his new single, “Dakiti” alongside Jhay Cortez but instead, he appeared virtually to present Becky G with the award for Favorite Female Latin Artist. We are all obviously praying for our Benito to get well soon. Looks like he will be perreando solo for at least fourteen days.

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