Bad Bunny Shows His Coronavirus Routine to Hilarious Corrido

The coronavirus health crisis is forcing us all to find creative ways to kill time

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The coronavirus health crisis is forcing us all to find creative ways to kill time. Some are busy with homeschooling (just like Lin-Manuel Miranda), while others are binge-watching movies, and some are remixing coronavirus Cardi B tracks. Bad Bunny, on the other hand, is busy playing Jenga, arm-wrestling, and dancing with his girlfriend. 

The Latin trap rapper is quarantining himself in Puerto Rico with his girlfriend and made a hilarious video to show his followers how he’s keeping busy during these chaotic times.

Bad Bunny posted his cute video yesterday and captioned it by saying, “day five in quarantine.” He accompanied the post with a Mexican corrido song that talks about the coronavirus and people are in a panic with schools closed and concerts canceled. While the song is playing, Bad Bunny is following orders by disinfecting the table, staying hydrated, and eating healthy foods. 

The cutest part of the video is how much fun he seems to be having with his girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri because if you’re going to be quarantined, you might as well be with the person you love. 

As we reported just a few days ago, Bad Bunny recently made his relationship with Berlingeri public on Instagram despite that they’ve been together reportedly for three years. The 25-year-old and the PR rapper allegedly met during a Zion & Lennox concert. Berlingeri is reportedly a former model, and there are some speculations that she and Bad Bunny are expecting a baby. However, neither has addressed the speculation publicly. 

So back to this corrido that Bad Bunny introduced us to. The song is by Los Tres Tristes Tigres, a Mexican parody trio that performs original songs. The guys posted the video on YouTube on March 16 and wrote: “Here we bring you the Coronavirus corrido, so you take care and take extreme precautions … If you like to share it, great! If not, nothing happens! in any case, this corrido is already viral.” 

Well, if the song didn’t go viral before, it certainly will now thanks to Bad Bunny’s Instagram video. Here’s the entire song below. Enjoy and stay indoors!

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