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Beauty Trends for 2021 You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere

Each season new fashion trends emerge that inform what we wear and how we wear it. While we have our own style, it’s always fun to try out the trends we know will work for us (tie-dye anyone?). This year didn’t give us many opportunities to get dressed up and show off our makeup/closet but here’s hoping for safe opportunities to get glam in 2021. What are some of the major beauty trends that we will be seeing in 2021? Well, we did the research, and found several cool trends in makeup, and hair, that will no doubt usher in the new year in style.

Red Lips

Sure, red lips are a forever classic, but they’ll also be a trend for 2021. Face masks aren’t going to stop the masses from putting on a chic, glamorous, and bold shade of lipstick next year, even though most people won’t be able to see it. Be sure to wear a hue in a stay-put formulation, to avoid any unnecessary smudges.

Dewy Skin

Another big trend for 2021 is fresh, dewy skin. We want our skin to glow, to show health and happiness, and to be no-fuss. It’s all about natural, luminescent skin next year and the best thing you can do to ensure your skin is dewy is to stay hydrated and make sure you moisturize.

Shag Haircuts

The popular ’70s-style shag haircut isn’t going anywhere in 2021. The cut is flattering, tailored for your hair’s natural texture and face shape, and is as easy as wash and go. Add some also-still-on-trend curtain bangs for a really in-vogue look.

Wet Look Hair

We are seeing a lot of easy-yet-striking looks trending for 2021 and another style that is easy to copy is the wet hair look. You can wear your wet hair in easy waves, or slick the hair back for a more dramatic look. Keeping the look hydrated and in place is all about using the right hair products, like gel, pomade, or mousse.

Dramatic Kohl Eyeliner

It’s no surprise that eye looks are going to be popular in beauty for 2021. After all, eyes are on display now more than ever in the era of face masks. A trend that you’ll want to try out is bold, kohl eyeliner drawn all around the eyes. It doesn’t get any bolder than that.

’80s Makeup

We’ve seen ’80s looks come back and dominate, like puff sleeves, oversized blazers, and everything neon. This sense of fun is going to continue in 2021, partly in makeup. 1980-esque colors like pink, blue, and purple will be seen on the eyes, and/or on the lips, which is great, since with color usually comes joy.

Berry Lips

Along with classic red, we will be seeing berry hues on the lips in 2021. You can pair berry lipstick with a fun wash of color on the lids, or just let the rich hue shine on its own.

Natural Makeup

An easy-to-wear beauty trend for 2021 that anyone can rock is the natural makeup one. It’s letting your skin breathe, and highlighting your features with just a swipe or two of mascara, a subtle wash of blush, and lips that feature just a touch of color.

Pixie Cuts

It seems that 2021 is going to be a lot about beauty that is simple yet pretty, things that just work and look effortless like the still-on-trend pixie cut. This hairstyle really draws attention to the face and features, and looks great the less you do to it.

Marcel Waves

Not surprisingly, a lot of 1920s trends made an appearance in 2020. Well, the flapper vibes are dancing their way into 2021 too. Runways featured bold Marcel waves, that instantly add drama and shape to the hair and are easily accented with a simple flower barrette or headband.