Becky G Launches Treslúce, a Make-Up Line Inspired by Her Mexican Roots

Second-generation Mexican-American Becky G wanted to make sure of two things in the development of her makeup line: that it feature her Mexican roots and that it be all that she’s always wanted in makeup

Treslúce Beauty Becky G

Photo courtesy of Treslúce Beauty

Second-generation Mexican-American Becky G wanted to make sure of two things in the development of her makeup line: that it feature her Mexican roots and that it be all that she’s always wanted in makeup. The 24-year-old  “Sin Pijama” singer recently launched her new makeup line, Treslúce featuring dual eye/lip gel color pencils in 15 shades, three lash sets, a brush set and an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with beauty brand incubator, Madeby Collective. The star is no stranger to the makeup world having been a CoverGirl at only 16 launching her first collaboration with ColourPop in 2019. The brandname is a combination of two Spanish words, “tres” (three) because it’s her favorite number, and “luce” which literally translates to “shine” and is often used to say something looks good on someone.

The line launched June 25 with collection and all the items are under $30 including the “I Am…” eye palette featuring 18 mattes and shimmers inspired by her love of affirmations. She shares with HipLatina that her go-to affirmation is “I am poderosa.” The design of the packaging, a third eye design with the agave plant, is also significant as it features artwork by Mexican artist Monica Loya, whose work stood out to Becky.

“The way she blends her watercolors and adds three objects into her illustrations stood out to me because it ties in beautifully with my favorite number, 3, and the tres in Treslúce. I also loved that she is from Mexico City and knew she would understand how to bring my Mexican heritage to life with this palette,” she says. “This partnership marks the beginning of many collaborations, and I am looking forward to partnering with more Latinx artists who will highlight other cultures across our diaspora.”


Photo courtesy of Treslúce Beauty

But the eye palette is so much more than its packaging (which features a detachable mirror), it’s also about the palette itself. The formula includes ethically sourced agave from Jalisco, Mexico where her grandparents are from because she wanted to find a way to incorporate tequila (which she loves) into her makeup. But the item that’s closest to her heart is one that’s also connected to her family.

“The Mi Tesoro Lash Case holds a dear place in my heart because it’s named after my ita (abuelita). She had the habit of recycling everything – any container or aluminum cookie bin – and using it to store the most random of items,” she shares. “This lash case is meant to store and protect your Ilusión Premium Lashes and it can hold up to two pairs of lashes, so you have all the room you need to safely store your favorite pairs together. The packaging is also square for a reason and that is to pay homage to Mexico’s iconic talavera tiles.”

Treslúce eyelash case

Photo courtesy of Treslúce Beauty

With representation at the core of the line, there are plans to highlight Latinx activists and artists in her campaigns with a mission centered on diversity, equity and inclusion. For someone who grew up watching her mom experiment with makeup and regularly does her own makeup before shows, this line is truly a dream come true she shares. Now with this new platform she aims to amplify Latinx culture and carve a space for the community in the world of makeup.

“Treslúce Beauty is all about the art of makeup and encouraging self-expression. But within that, I wanted to create something that would celebrate and honor my heritage by infusing Latinx art and ingredients into the line. We pride ourselves in uplifting the Latinx community while ensuring we’re being inclusive of all communities. Treslúce will also be big on giving back. We will amplify the beauty, diversity, and complexity of Latinx culture with the goal of advancing and influencing others’ understanding and acceptance of our cultura.”

Treslúce Beauty by Becky G is available on their website and all products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

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