25 of the Best Work From Home Fashion That’s Comfy and Chic

Photo: dame

Working from home is now something that practically everyone is doing right now, and it’s a big change from the norm for most. Out is the trendy trousers, heels, blouses, ’90s jeans, and chic accessories, to be replaced by comfy tees, relaxed pants, flats, and cozy layers. Just because you’re at home now, though, doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on style.

We are doing everything we can to make your work from home experience as chill and problem-free as possible. We’re sharing beauty DIYs you can make at home, cool workshops you don’t have to leave the house for, and more. Today, we wanted to share 25 loungewear and/or athleisure pieces that will keep you looking and feeling both stylish and comfortable while you work, and live, from home.




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