10 of Camila Cabello’s Best and Funniest TikToks

Something has come to my attention lately that I totally was not expecting: Camila Cabello is funny! I’ve always thought she was a pretty standard polished pop star and that her relationship with fellow singer Shawn Mendes was cute, but other than that, I honestly didn’t pay her much attention

Camila Cabello Familia album

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Something has come to my attention lately that I totally was not expecting: Camila Cabello is funny! I’ve always thought she was a pretty standard polished pop star and that her relationship with fellow singer Shawn Mendes was cute, but other than that, I honestly didn’t pay her much attention. But over the course of the past year or so, her TikTok videos have creeped into my feed and I’ve been pretty shocked to see that the girl is hilarious. The Cinderella star has a really natural sense of humor and she seems not to take herself too seriously, which makes her, a global superstar, a lot more likable.

Camila has a new album titled Familia set to come out some time in 2021, so we’ll probably all be seeing a lot more of her very soon. What better way to get amped up for her new music which interestingly, she has said was inspired by family and food, than by taking a peek at her best TikTok videos? If you’ve always been a fan, they’ll definitely remind you why you love her and if not, you might just start to appreciate her not just for her skills as an entertainer, but also for her super-funny personality.wp_*posts

Empowering & Honest


i luv my body

♬ original sound – Camila Cabello

During the summer of 2021, Camila was spotted outside running a few times and some less than flattering photos of her surfaced on the Internet. She took the opportunity to embrace her body, shut down shamers and encourage other women to love themselves too. While she did it with a healthy dose of humor, her message was not lost on us and we really appreciate that she used her platform to uplift women.wp_*posts

Only Here for the Pizza


The “My Oh My” singer has never been more relatable than back in 2017 when she posted this surprising video of herself arriving at the recording studio with one thing on her mind: pizza! Like, isn’t free pizza what we all show up for whether it’s a study date, work meeting or kid’s birthday party? Like Camila, we always grab a slice.wp_*posts

Party for 1


Does this mean Camila’s an introvert? Perhaps, but whether she is or not, we’ve all had this experience. Going out on a Friday night always sounds like a good idea until it’s actually time to do it. We’d also pick staying home with a bottle of wine and dancing solo to J Balvin jams, at least every once in awhile.wp_*posts

All of Us in 2020 & 2021


Camila totally nailed it when she posted this TikTok of her reaction these days when someone asks, “how are you?” Many of us have totally mastered the phony-fine reaction. We’re okay, we’re getting by, we’re not gonna complain, but pretty much every day has felt like a WTH moment since oh, March 2020 or so.wp_*posts

Sometimes It’s Like That


Wouldn’t it be nice if more celebrities were honest about “that time of the month?” I’ve often seen celebrities on the red carpet or on social where they always look so perfect, and wondered how they manage to look amazing and completely unbothered when they have appearances to do while they’re on their periods. I know it’s weird, but just imagine being super crampy and cranky and having to walk a red carpet or appear on a live talk show. Those pain pills must be life!wp_*posts

Celebrities Do It Too


Seriously, this made us LOL! We’ve all been there at some point. It’s such a relief once you’ve been together for awhile, and you can act like a human again. Camila and Shawn have been together for about two years now, so they’re obviously passed the stage of holding in gas and she can make a joke about it now. Pretty darn funny.wp_*posts

So Healthy


OMG! Green juice makes you so much better than everyone else! Just kidding, but you definitely should have lost at least two pounds since you went to the gym that one time last week. Isn’t it funny how as soon as we do something even remotely healthy, we all expect to see and feel results immediately? Sounds like Camila’s been there too.wp_*posts

So Not Crazy


She’s so right! Like, how did we even get the reputation of being crazy? Sure lots of Latinas simply refuse to take crap from anyone, but that doesn’t make us crazy. In fact, we think it’s a rather good trait to have. Our mamas taught us to speak up, stand up for ourselves and others and to always stay true to who we are. Nothing crazy about that.wp_*posts

When You Get Mad at Your Trainer


If you’ve ever had a personal trainer or taken a workout class, you’ve probably had this feeling. In this TikTok, Camila is working out at home with her personal trainer and while she’s trying to keep it together, she can’t help but blame her trainer for the pain she’s in while lifting weights. Yup, we’ve felt the same way at least once or twice before.wp_*posts

Good Advice


We were totally not expecting this! For this TikTok video, Camila teamed up with her Cinderella co-star Idina Menzel and they mashed up their songs to make it sound like Idina was giving Camila relationship advice that she was completely ignoring. How they discovered that the lyrics would work so perfectly we don’t know, but it definitely made for a creative and hilarious video.

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