cardi b joins fast furious
Photo: Instagram/vindiesel
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Cardi B is Joining the ‘Fast and Furious’ Movie Family!

Cardi B is a full-fledged actress! Her role in Hustlers was just the beginning for the Bronx rapper because her next project has arrived. Actor Vin Diesel surprised fans on Instagram when he posted a video of him and Cardi B talking about a new movie. That’s right, Cardi B will be in Fast & Furious 9 out next year. 

“Day 86 here on the set of Fast 9,” Diesel said in his Instagram video. “I know I’m exhausted. I literally — we all gave every single thing we could for this movie. Put it all on the table. Put it all out there.”

“I’m tired,” Cardi responded. “But I can’t wait. I ain’t gonna front. I think this is gonna be the best one.”

“We’re so blessed,” Diesel said. “The last day of filming in the U.K. All love always.” “Yup,” Cardi replied. “I need to take a nappy nap.”

The cute video, which they undoubtedly looked very tired but happy in, was a very cool way to announce they’re collaborative efforts. It’s unclear what type of role Cardi will have on the next installation to the Fast & Furious franchise.

According to IMDB, it looks like she might play herself, which would be a disappointment. We love Cardi as she is, of course, but we would love to see her stretch her acting muscles. We know she’s got it in her. Did you see all the good reviews she received for work in Hustlers? For her first role, she did very well. We’re hoping Cardi is playing Michelle Rodriguez’s cousin or Vin Diseal’s new love interest. We’re just throwing out ideas here.

A couple of weeks ago, while doing an interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Cardi said she enjoyed making movies even though the process of acting was a bit tedious and draining. 

I couldn’t believe I was on set for 16 hours,” Cardi told Ellen about her part in Hustlers. “It’s like, ‘Is this what actors and actresses gotta go through?” She added that acting is quite different than making music. “Artists, we have long days, but it’s just full of excitement. We move around, we doin’ something. “[acting], you like, you gotta wait on the trailer until it’s your turn. You gotta do the same scene 20 times.” 

She said despite all of that work, she does appreciate the money that comes along with making movies. 

“I enjoy the checks,” she said. Cardi never lies.