30 Memes and Quotes That Celebrate Being a Chingona With Pride

The word “chingona” wasn’t always perceived as cool

Photo: Unsplash/@joanna_nix

Photo: Unsplash/@joanna_nix

The word “chingona” wasn’t always perceived as cool. In fact, at one point it was considered a derogatory term used to describe women in a negative way — as difficult and out-of-control. “Chingona” came from the word “chingar,” a Mexican term that came from the Caló (Spanish Romani) term čingarár, which means “to fight.”

It is also tied to the Basque word txingartu, which means “to burn with coal.” In Mexican Spanish, “chingar” is equivalent to English’s f-word, so needless to say, “chingona” wasn’t a sweet term to call a lady. However, for a man “chingon” translates to things like “good,” “very smart,” and “tough.” There goes machismo/patriarchy/sexism rearing its ugly head again!

But, think of how the word “bitch” has evolved. Much like chingona, calling a woman a bitch was (and is still is) a way to chastise them for being difficult, nonconformist, self-assured, assertive, and in charge. But many women have taken the word bitch and have turned it on its head, embracing the term and using it as a word of empowerment. “Chingona” is our “bitch.” Now, calling someone you know a chingona or calling yourself one is saying you are a badass. You are capable, empowered, and can do anything. This is an especially important term today when Latinx women are making a point to not ask for a seat at the table — we are building and bringing our own, with seats for other chingonas we are here to share the bounty with.

So, now that we know where the word “chingona” has been, and the throne on which it sits today, let’s take a look at 30 memes, sayings, and words of inspiration to help you embrace your inner chingona.


What is a Chingona?


Now that you know what a chingona is, say it loud and proud! You are a badass woman. Go after what you want, take no mess, and live life your way. When you do this, you are living your truth and living free.


Remember That You’re a Chingona

Photo: being Latino/MEME

Life is tough, and there are going to be moments when you feel sad, mad, and defeated. It’s okay to honor the feelings you are feeling. But this is where you also remind yourself that you are a chingona, and lift your head high. Because life makes you a chingona, from the victories that come from those defeats.


I Woke Up Chingona

Being a chingona seems like such a powerful thing because it is. But Latina women need to know that that strength is always there, whether you realize it or not. You woke up chingona, so be chingona! If you have to remind yourself, write it down on a notecard, say it out loud as a daily affirmation, and read inspiring posts like this one on Instagram.


One Word: Chingona

Photo: MEME

Interviews can sometimes feel silly. You have to convince another person of how worthy you are to work at their company. They give you canned questions and you have to reply with canned answers. That’s why this meme is so funny. We’d all love to show up and say, “Look, I’m a chingona, so of course I am overqualified for this job.”


Chingona, Para Ser Exacto

Photo: frasescabronas/MEME

This next meme lays it all out for those who ask. For many chingonas, they aren’t 100% good all the time, nor 100% bad. Humanity just doesn’t work that way. But they are 100% chingonas. Any questions?


3 Cs of Life

Photo: MexicansProblemas/MEME

In life, you have to have goals and standards for how you want to live. This meme breaks it down nicely. Just live by the three Cs. Be chula, be cabrona, and be a chingona. Because it isn’t just enough to be cute, you have to live with purpose, be fierce, and own your you-ness, which definitely translates to being a cabrona and a chingona.


Chingona Coke, Please

Photo: mitu/MEME

When Coca-Cola came out with personalized bottles, everyone was stoked to have their nombre on a beverage they could tote around with them. Coke made sure to include Latinx names, as well as surnames, which we were even happier about. But, unfortunately, there wasn’t a chingona bottle. Coca-Cola, do your thing!


The OG Chingona

Photo: Generador Memes

Badass women look up to the badass women who blazed the trail before them and when it comes to chingonas, it doesn’t get more OG than Mexicana superstar Maria Felix. Way before her time, she said what she wanted, did what she wanted, and lived how she wanted. Ever since she has been an inspiration to Latinx women everywhere who want to do the same. Sorry, not sorry.


Las Mujeres Chingonas

Photo: toxiccore BLOG

Women are natural-born chingonas. We have the ability to carry a baby, give birth, make a house a home, and make everything we interact with more awesome. But don’t get it twisted. We can also make your life miserable if you want to try us.


Con Lonjas Pero Bien Chingona

Photo: mitu

A chingona isn’t a specific dress size, nor does she adhere to a specific set of measurements. You. Are. A. Chingona. Right. Now. Lonjas and all. That’s the whole point of being a badass, really. You don’t wait around for approval and acceptance, because you love and accept yourself. Because you rule, and you know it. Live your truth!


Note to Self

Photo: Pinterest

Remember we mentioned that note pad to keep your mind focused on being a chingona? Here is the digital version! It’s imperative that you keep yourself centered, that you focus on your goals, and how capable you are of accomplishing them. So, if you need to write a note to yourself to keep you on track towards success and happiness, so be it!


You Are What You Eat

Photo: mitu/MEME

If you are what you eat, then this makes you a chingona! Enough said.


Chingonas Definition

Photo: @vivalabonita/Instagram

Being a chingona means using your terca-ness to push yourself beyond what you think are your limitations. To set goals and crush them. To win, consistently. To not take no for an answer, because you live in yes. Every day is your opportunity to continue this momentum or to give yourself permission to start acting like the chingona you are. Andale pues.


My Week…

It is advised to schedule out your week in order to organize yourself and your time, in order to productively get things done. Just make sure to schedule in chingona time. Actually, it’s a 24/7/365 task that is really a way of life. But the reminders are effective.


2019: Year of the Chingona

See what we meant?! The whole year of 2019 is dedicated to getting your chingona on. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t harnessed the power of owning your amazingness. There is always time to start. Love yourself. Accept yourself. Honor your hopes and dreams by breaking them down into steps to actually make them happen. You deserve this.


Una Chingona es…

There are several facets to being a chingona. This meme describes different ways we are all one: “A chingona is a survivor, a warrior living her life in her own way without caring about the words and insecure looks from others.” Preach!


Current Mood

Life throws things at us on the daily. Sometimes we have to check in with ourselves, and others, and update them on our current status and mood. One minute, you can be a chiflada, and the next a chingona. It just comes with the territory of life. But you can always shift back to being a chingona — just remember part of that identity is that you survived all your crazy moments, and always go back to being a badass.


That Chingona Feeling

Being a chingona means you are the jefa of your life. You’re the one in charge and you inspire others to do the same. Even if you are in a relationship, you don’t lose sight of who you are, of your hopes, dreams, and goals. You have empires to build, things to cross off your lists, and things to achieve and accomplish. And yes, that’s a damn good feeling.


Taking It Back

This sign speaks on how “chingona” was once a word said negatively towards women. It is asking us to take the word, reclaim it, and own that ish! We are difficult, assertive, outspoken, independent, badass women. And we will own that with pride.


Stay Focused and Extra Chingona

When you write words down and say them out loud, you are reaffirming them. Noting them, solidifying them, reminding yourself of their importance. Sometimes, you have to have to repeat them until it becomes second nature. Why do you think daily affirmations are a thing? This little, yet huge reminder is to “stay focused and extra chingona.” We can all benefit from this.


Chingona AF

Photo: Tee Public/Pinterest

When it comes to being a chingona, it’s go big or go home. Not necessarily in all your actions or all your words, but in your heart. It’s how you view yourself, how much you believe in yourself, and how hard you work. It’s about how you tear down all those obstacles keeping you from your goals. That’s what it means to be chingona AF.


No Day Like the Present

Today is a good day to be a chingona. They say that you shouldn’t focus on the past, as that could bring sadness. And obsessing too much over the future can create anxiety. So, if you didn’t feel like a chingona yesterday, that is fine. Live for today, and live in the now. Right now, you can choose to be a chingona, and you can continue to choose that every day.


What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Mas Chingona!

Photo: Casitika/Amazon

Chingonas become so partly because of their guerrera spirit and what they have had to overcome in life. It’s no coincidence that the greatest women have had to deal with a lot in their lives. It’s how they came out on the other side, victorious and stronger, that made them such examples of what it means to be a chingona.


Juntas Somos Mas Chingonas!

Women’s empowerment isn’t just about your own empowerment. It’s about yours, as well as the empowerment of all the women around you. If we spent more time uniting, supporting each other, and uplifting each other, we would get even more amazing stuff done. Remember, empowered women, empower women.


Chingona is My Superpower

You didn’t think Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman was the only Latinx superhero doing big things, did you? You are a superhero too because you are a chingona. That’s your superpower, and it’s up to you to use it for good — for your good, and those of your community.


Less Llorona y Mas Chingona!

It’s good to cry when you need to. Let it all out, girl! Don’t pent up those emotions. Honor them, release them, and heal. But don’t go crying excessively when you don’t need to. Take those tears and turn them into fuel! This is when you can unleash your inner chingona and change everything around for the better in your life.


Chingona Como Mi Madre

Chances are if you are a chingona, you learned all about that strength and tenacity from another powerful woman in your life, like your mama. We owe it to their sacrifices, love, and success to be the best version of ourselves we can be. We owe it to ourselves to live like pura chingonaa — fuerte y feliz!


Por Chingona Me Levanto

Being a chingona isn’t about being perfect, and strong all the time. It’s sometimes about falling down and knowing how to pick yourself back up. Admitting, “Hey, I know that was a pendejada that I did, and it knocked me down.” But also saying “I’ll get up again and be fine.”


Chingona = Being Yourself

Being yourself can be a revolutionary act. When you do that, you are being a chingona. When you accept and love yourself, and rock that individuality, you are allowing others to see you and then do the same. To be chingonas in their own unique way. Because although there is the understanding that a chingona is a badass, the way each person expresses that badassery is unique to them.


Soy Chingona, That’s a Fact

We are all for a funny yet empowering chingona chant. Go ahead, and let everyone know you are a chingona, even the pendejos. It’s something to be celebrated. We are a community of chingonas. We see your awesomeness, and we know you see ours.

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