10 Cleaning Tasks You Can Tackle in 5 Minutes

We know you’re in hurry

Photo: Unsplash/@jeshoots

Photo: Unsplash/@jeshoots

We know you’re in hurry. Every day, the world gets faster and faster, making it harder to finish all the stuff that needs finishing. Your job needs almost constant attention – you need to improve on a daily basis in order to survive in the ever-growing market. You’ve got a family to take care of, friends to see, and you can always use some time just for yourself. So, who can find the time for the boring tasks like cleaning? Well, like other things, cleaning is a lot easier if you are smart about it and if you’re well organized. In case you are still having trouble with cleaning duties, here we offer you some advice on how to tackle some cleaning tasks in no time – actually in just about 5 minutes. Here we go, start the stopwatch!

1. Dishwasher is not only for dishes.

The name implies that the dishwasher washes the – dishes. But, following that logic you may end up driving the highway – high. Do not do that! So, the dishwasher can definitely wash more than just dishes. Feel free to do that. You can use it to wash just about anything –vases and decorative bowls, plastic hairbrushes and your kid’s toys (or even yours?). Basically, everything made of plastic, ceramic, metal. And yes, you can wash this stuff alongside your usual dishwashing material – the dishes. Just fit all those together, run a regular cycle and feel proud of your ingenuity and effectiveness.


2. Baking soda for furniture.

Now, this stuff is awesome – baking soda has more uses than you could think of! Besides baking, it is incredible for all kinds of cleaning, deodorizing and refreshing. And since you put it in cakes, it’s definitely safe for use in everything. You can use it to refresh your furniture, carpets, even mattresses – simply toss a bit of baking soda onto it, wait for 15 minutes and just vacuum it away for an instantly fresher space!


3. The almighty lint roller.

Here’s another thing that has more potential uses than you know. You’ve used it for your clothing, so why wouldn’t you use it for everything else? A lint roller is awesome at lifting dirt, crumbs, and dust from all the places – use it for cleaning stuffed animals, purses, forgotten lampshades and even rugs.


4. Rubber dish gloves

Removing your pet’s hair has always been hard – not anymore! Simply use a pair of standard rubber dish gloves to get your pet’s hair from places you don’t want them on, pillows, armchairs or sheets.


5. Old socks can still be useful

Socks are so good at picking up dust and dirt – use an old one that you won’t need anymore, lightly spray it with some cleaning solution and clean the baseboards in no time with amazing results.


6. Don’t forget the gadgets

These ones are among the dirtiest, due to such often and “public” use. So, don’t forget cleaning your gadgets – whether it’s your phone, TV remote, keyboard or a mouse. We recommend using an alcohol wipe, so just run it over the surface of your electronics. You should consider doing this especially with your phone – people check their phones on average some 110 times a day, and that means a lot of bacteria, actually more than on toilet seats. Since the phone is quite often next to your face, keep some alcohol wipes with you all the time. This will also remove greasy fingerprints.


7. The curse of the purse

We don’t take that much care of the things we use the most. Why is that? Well, you can probably write a proper psychological study about that, but for now, let’s try to solve the issue without thinking of the cause. Purses are, you know, fancy, shiny accessories (with black holes inside). But, did you know that about half all women’s bags have fecal bacteria on them? This information should be enough to get ready and at least give them a swipe with a disinfectant wipe from time to time.


8. Garbage disposal doesn’t have to stink

Of course, your garbage disposal stinks. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Mother Nature comes to aid this time with some lemons! Yes, you can use them first, make a lemonade so you can toast to yourself after you’ve finished all these tasks in 5 minutes. Then, try running a couple of lemon rinds through your garbage disposal, and follow with cold water to dispel the smell. That’s it, and enjoy the sweet smell of success – from the most unsuspecting source!


9. Ceiling fans shine again

Another task to be tackled in just a few seconds. Hot days are always nearby – if not this year, then next. So, make sure you don’t turn the ceiling fans on while they are still full of dust. Grab an old pillowcase, maybe splash it with some water (optional), wipe the fan blades down and watch them shine again.


10. Toss that pile of…

Gathering stuff you don’t need anymore produces more work in the future. So, gather your bravery and toss that pile of catalogs, no questions asked. Recycle that stack you almost forgot about and enjoy the lightness of free space in seconds. The same applies to all the things that you really don’t need – old magazines, newspapers, boxes that won’t ever be put to use, and the list goes on… They just gather dust, moist, and probably release smells. Help yourself!

That’s it for now, you’ve got enough material to have fun while cleaning your home in no time. 

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