25 Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil in Your Wellness Routine

Photo: @howtousecoconutoil/Instagram

As we learn more about beauty products and some of the toxic chemicals they may contain, we start looking for natural alternatives that we can use without worry. Even better, we want those super time and money savers that have so many different functions and benefits, at a steal.

Coconut oil is definitely one of those natural, cost-effective, do-it-all products. An integral part of any wellness routine, it is so moisturizing. But not only is it hydrating for the skin and hair, but coconut oil is also antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and healing. While we might run out of ideas after putting it on as a moisturizer, or as a leave-in conditioner, there are so many uses for this miracle oil. In fact, we found 25 ways to incorporate coconut oil in your wellness routine that you’ll definitely want to try out.




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