11 Items Every Coffee-Obsessed Person Should Own

Café, that sweet aroma in the morning that wakes up your senses and gives you that extra boost of energy to get you through the day

Photo: Unsplash/@gilbster

Photo: Unsplash/@gilbster

Café, that sweet aroma in the morning that wakes up your senses and gives you that extra boost of energy to get you through the day. What better way to express your love for coffee, and show everyone you might be coffee-obsessed than some sought-after accessories. Channel your inner barista with these 11 must own items for every coffee lover.

Coffee Phone Case

coffee phone case HIpLatina

Photo: Etsy

This “But First Coffee” phone case from DesiDesigns will be the envy of all your friends. Designed for iPhone cases, HTC cases, Samsung cases, and more, this accessory will liven up your calls and remind you it’s time for a coffee break with each ring. But First Coffee phone case, Etsy, $17.00

Coffee Mug Rack

coffee mug rack HipLatina

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Any at-home barista will have their own rack to hold their various go-to-coffee cups. This handmade, custom order coffee mug rack is perfect for hanging your favorite coffee cups as you wake up each day and choose the one that suits your mood. Coffee Mug Rack, Etsy, $40.00

Coffee T-Shirt

HipLatina coffee tee

Photo: Etsy

What better way to show your coffee pride than with a hip shirt expressing your coffee thoughts. This coffee shirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Wear it proudly as you remind everyone to “Stop & Smell the Coffee.” Stop & Smell the Coffee shirt, Etsy, $21.00

Coffee Candle

HipLatina coffee candle HIpLatina

Photo: Etsy

Every coffee connoisseur appreciates the unique aroma coffee emulates as it wakes you up in the morning to its enticing smell. Keep that scent going all day long with an Eco-friendly pure soy coffee candle in a mason jar by Firefly & Co. Pure Soy Coffee candle, Etsy, $8.00

Coffee Cozy

coffee cozy HipLatina

Photo: Etsy

Keeping your café hot is a must and there is no better way to wrap your coffee mug with love and keep it warm than with a “Hearts Pocket Coffee Cup Cozy.” It even has pockets to store your sugar packs or whatever you need to add that little kick to your cup of Joe. Heart Pocket Coffee Cup Cozy, Etsy. $10.00

Coffee Décor

coffee sign HIpLatina

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Need to decorate your space with a little coffee inspiration? Then the perfect accent to any room is a coffee sign décor. Proudly display your thoughts about coffee for the world to see how much you love that java goodness. But First Coffee Sign Coffee Décor, Etsy, $25.00

Coffee Bean Necklace

coffee necklace HipLatina

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That’s right a coffee necklace is all the rave for any coffee lover. Proudly wear this bohemian hip Glass Bottle Necklace Potion with real coffee grinds stored inside. A unique and one-of-kind piece of jewelry sure to make a statement and come in handy if you run out coffee and need a fresh cup on the go. Glass Bottle Necklace Potion Coffee Jewelry, Etsy, $10.00

Coffee Lover Socks

coffee socks HipLatina

Photo: Sockdrawer

Get a little crazy and show off your inner fashionista with these coffee lovers’ socks. They are sure to start a trend as you pair them with shorts or dresses. The perfect nod to coffee that all the world will see as you strut your stuff down your personal runway.  Coffee Lovers Socks, The Sock Drawer, $6.00

USB Coffee Warmer

coffee warmer HipLatina

Photo: Amazon

Ever get tired of having to go into a meeting only to come back and your morning coffee is cold? No worries because now you can plug in this USB coffee warner into your computer while your coffee stays warm all day, cause you know you drink more than just one cup a day! USB Coffee Warmer, Amazon, $15.00

Coffee Coasters

coffee coaster HipLatina

Photo: Etsy.com

These handmade crocheted coffee coasters are the perfect touch to liven up your space. The colorful flower coaster will inspire memories of being at abuelita’s house or watching her make these for everyone in the family. Crocheted coffee coaster, Etsy, $12.00

Coffee Purse

coffee bag HipLatina

Photo: Etsy

You’ll be the hippest chic around with your one-of-a-kind burlap coffee purse. Carry all your necessities and that mug and coffee stash with you wherever you go. Any time is coffee time with this bag.  Medium Burlap Purse, Coffee Sack Purse, Etsy, $38.00

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