5 Crystals That Will Help You Boost Confidence and Fix Your Love Life

Are you ready for the best summer of your life? According to the planetary alignments, you should be — as the sun is moving through both Gemini and Virgo this summer, it’s time for us all to connect to our truest feelings and curb the bad habits

Photo: Unsplash/@kalineri

Photo: Unsplash/@kalineri

Are you ready for the best summer of your life? According to the planetary alignments, you should be — as the sun is moving through both Gemini and Virgo this summer, it’s time for us all to connect to our truest feelings and curb the bad habits. Stop hiding your cellulite on the beach and start thinking healthy, loving thoughts about your body. Or stop feeling heartbroken about your ex and get back out there, again.

Not only can you lean on the planets for a transformation support this summer, you can add crystals to your routine, too. Every crystal has very specific vibrational energies that can bring healing, positive mindsets, and a clearer path towards our dream. They can also work our energy to absorb, diffuse or redirect negative energy away from you.

A little on the woo woo side, sure. But after working with them for over eight years now, I can only tell you that when my moonstone is in my left pocket (my very first crystal), my day is lit. And when I hold my two Howlite stones and meditate in the morning, my brain gets its clearest. And after surrounding my home with rose quartz and amethyst, I am enjoying the most healthiest and romantic relationship of my life.

So, wanna give it a try? Then here are five of the optimal crystals to allow your mind, body, and spirit to have the best summer ever.

Heal a broken heart with watermelon tourmaline.

Binge watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt should a treat, not your retreat from public appearances this summer. Don’t let a broken heart ruin your summer — grab some watermelon tourmaline, instead. Their properties for helping the broken heart are legendary — it helped me after I went full Lemonade on my ex. The pink color of the stone carries an energy that gently heals the heart and past trauma. While the green grounds your heart again and helps you find the next step forward. It’s really a lovely, rare stone that looks stunning in jewelry. Consider grabbing a necklace that speaks to you on etsy.com.


Get beach ready with white opal.

Real talk: the only thing you need to get beach ready this season is your mind. Sure, you should eat healthy — you’re sixty-year-old self and digestive track will thank you for it. But avoiding swimwear or shorts because you don’t like how your body looks is a damaging line of thought you can’t afford to perpetuate. Just go get you some white opal. This heart and crown chakra healing crystal will work well with the placement of the sun this summer and help you say no more to body shaming them lady humps! It will give you self-confidence and boost your self-love, as well as inspire you to try new things. Can you imagine what you might do with that newfound confidence draped around your wrist, on that beautiful summer tan skin? Is that you pumping all that iron next to me at the gym, miss thang? Or getting that lifeguard’s number like that? Okaaaay, girl!


Achieve confidence in the office with a crystal healing mani.

Some people have an office that likes to slow down in the summer, but I have never known that luxury. Summertime has always made people extra testy and extra lazy, which only means longer hours and compensating for a lot of checked out attitudes. Try the new crystal healing manicure from Nails Inc.. Available now at Sephora, their Future’s Bright manicure is infused with citrine, which is a great stone for manifesting and conquering your dreams. You can keep a bottle at your desk and do coats at lunch when you feel like choking your boss. They’ll change their tune soon after, just watch!


Find the right love with rose quartz, malachite, and rhodonite.

Sure, rose quartz will attract love into your life — but if you want that Mary J. Blige good love then you have to do a little house cleaning first. New relationships aren’t suppose to heal our past baggage — we are! Along with the rose quartz (I mean, you might as well get a chunk of it, cause it’s honestly like $6 on amazon), consider wearing a malachite bracelet while you sleep at night. It’s an OG of deep-clearing stones, that will get all your chakras cleared and ready for love. Wear rhodonite on your finger for a few weeks, too and you’ll be on that forgiveness-is-a-gift-I-give-to-my-damn-self track and meet the love of your life in no time (or at least one of them)!


Incorporate black kyanite to improve your sex life.


There’s nothing like a crystal that can clear that chakra and can get those toe-curling orgasms popping — one, right after the other. (Yes, girl, I said multiple!) Go for the black kyanite. And if you’re in super need for some sexual healing, I say just stuff that jawn in your underwear and walk around all day! (Just remember it’s there when you go to the bathroom!) Or you can sleep with them on your belly or your lower pelvic area — because that’s where your base chakra lies. And kyanite is an amazing stone that heals that sex-ruling chakra, improves your sex drive, promotes inner balance, and removes negative influences that may have caused your lady peach any trauma.

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