Coronavirus Memes That’ll Make You Laugh During this Hard Time

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 is not a laughing matter. People are getting sick, and some are dying from the virus. We have been hearing about it nonstop on our TVs, across social media, and everywhere online. Some of the important things you should know to prevent catching coronavirus is to wash your hands

Coronavirus Memes

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 is not a laughing matter. People are getting sick, and some are dying from the virus. We have been hearing about it nonstop on our TVs, across social media, and everywhere online. Some of the important things you should know to prevent catching coronavirus is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (you can sing “Happy Birthday” twice to keep time), avoid touching your face, keep hydrated, cover your coughs and sneezes, throw away used tissues, and do your best to not get sick.

That being said, the last thing we want to do is become paranoid and terrified about coronavirus, especially since stress lowers your immune system and makes you more susceptible to getting sick. But if you’re looking for the silver lining in the storm clouds, it is the slew of funny tweets and memes that have kept us laughing at this trying time. Here are 25 such memes that will remind you to remain lighthearted during a dark time.

Wash Your Hands Like You Just Ate Hot Cheetos con Limon

If there is one thing that is being stressed about coronavirus is that you have to constantly wash your hands. For a while. This hilarious meme that we posted on our Instagram page puts it into Latinx perspective. Wash your hands like you just ate a bag of Cheetos con limon, and you still need to take off your contacts. You’re going to want clean hands, right?!

Corona Beer is Changing Its Name

Corona may mean “crown” in Spanish, but it’s not a great name to have right now during the coronavirus pandemic. This hilarious meme imagines that Corona beer has changed its name to Ebola because it’s a less scary moniker.

Sanitizing Spa Session

We all like to practice self-care and pamper ourselves, but it looks like at this time, doing so will be involving a lot of antibacterial products. This funny Instagram post says aromatherapy will be courtesy of Pinesol, a lip scrub will include Clorox, and a hand massage will be done with Purell. We don’t have to mention this, but don’t try any of these at home!

WHO Let the Dogs Out

There are clever people out there who are just waiting for a perfect moment to drop an appropriate, timely joke. Just like this one that will make you chuckle. When the World Health Organization announced that dogs can’t get coronavirus, an eagle-eyed person on Twitter mentioned that WHO let the dogs out, a pun on the 2000 song by Baha Men.

Hugs Are Cancelled

We Latinxs are known for generally being affectionate and more touchy-feely than other cultures. But that might have to be paused until this coronavirus thing passes. Hugs, and kisses on the cheek to those we haven’t seen in a while, will probably get a hard pass, as witnessed in this Simpsons-themed post.

No Sports

One of the negative side effects of the coronavirus is that many sports games have been cancelled, or will be played without a crowd of fans present. The feelings of sports fans everywhere is encapsulated in this funny meme, featuring the character of Michael Scott from The Office.

Limited Information

The danger of suddenly being made aware of a widespread virus that no one knows everything about is that wrong and/or limited information gets spread, causing a panic. This post shows how people keep sharing the same info amongst each other, from the same few sources.

We’re Cool With Staying In

You don’t have to ask us twice if we want to stay home, bundled up under cobijas San Marcos. This health crisis is just giving us permission to do so. We totally want to look like the girl in this funny yet cozy-looking Instagram post.

I’ll be Good with Vivaporu and “Sana Sana”

Latinxs don’t have to worry about any medical crisis because we know what to grab. Some 7-UP, Vivaporu, and the saying “sana sana colita de rana. Si no sanas hoy, sanaras mañana” will keep us protected! This is another funny meme about coronavirus that we recently shared to our Instagram.

2020 is Going to Be the Best Year Yet!

Man, we had such high hopes for 2020 (and we’ll admit it, we still do). But the first three months of the year have been a bit much, to say the least. This Instagram video clip expresses just how everyone’s feeling right now.

This is The Cure

During these times, you just have to laugh at a silly joke. While there isn’t a known cure yet for the coronavirus, there is The Cure, the English band we love. Someone created this funny meme that also reminds us to listen to some The Cure music ASAP.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

One of the best novels of all time, written by Colombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez, has been given a revamp for more modern times in this funny meme. Instead of being called Love in the Time of Cholera, it is now known as Love in the Time of Coronavirus.

Introverts Are Safe

Introverts have cause for celebration. Because coronavirus is spread through human contact, many people are starting to stay home more and go out less. This is perfect for introverts, who love to stay home anyway. This funny meme with Robert Downey, Jr. shows the relief of introverts who don’t really interact with a lot of other people to begin with.

Sorry Folks, the World is Closed

Everything seems to be closing in the wake of coronavirus. Schools, concerts, sports games, you name it. This meme featuring the late, great John Candy lets everyone know that the world, in fact, is currently closed.

Travel? Nope

Coronavirus put a big damper on travel in 2020. While so many planned extravagant vacations or fun little jaunts to elsewhere, coronavirus was like, “nope!” This Instagram post featuring RihRih describes the burn perfectly. The irony/catch 22 is that travel prices are going to drop because of the virus, but no one can, or should, travel!

Flexing in March 2020

In March of 2020, it was cool to rock AirPods. But fast forward to March of 2020, and flexing means toting some hand sanitizer. Not only is it super popular and crucial in the days of coronavirus, but it’s selling out left and right, which means the prices will skyrocket.

Tom Hanks Will Be Fine

We love Tom Hanks, and are sad to hear that he tested positive for coronavirus. But, as this meme proves, in his many movies, Tom Hanks has survived many setbacks triumphantly. We are sending prayers for his speedy recovery, but Tom Hanks has got this!

But What About Cancelling Student Loans?!

Ok, so if coronavirus is cancelling all the things we like, like travel, concerts, festivals, and the like, then why can’t it cancel the things we don’t like?! This funny Tweet points out that coronavirus isn’t cancelling student loans.

Farting to Hide a Cough

This is one of the Tweets/memes that will just make you laugh out loud and say “ew” at the same time. In the time of coronavirus, a cough is more offensive than a fart. So, when people would normally cough to cover up a fart, they’re now farting to cover up a cough!

Wash Your Hands Like You’re Washing Jason Momoa

You should know how to properly wash your hands. But, if you need some more guidance and motivation, then this Instagram post might just be perfect. It advises you to wash your hands as if you were washing hunky Jason Momoa.

But Why Toilet Paper?

We understand hand sanitizer, water, and other pertinent supplies. But people are literally freaking out and fighting over toilet paper. We get that you want to stock on supplies, but relax, m’ija. This meme on Instagram perfectly represents the puzzlement.

A Dog’s Revenge

When dogs are sick and need to not touch their faces (or other parts of the body), they have to wear a plastic cone. We are pretty sure that they don’t like this. Now that it has been proven that dogs can’t get coronavirus, they’re getting the last laugh with us humans in this funny drawing. Now we can’t touch our faces!

2020: Teaching People How to Wash Their Hands

Back in the day, 2020 sounded like such a futuristic year. Like we’ll have flying cars like The Jetsons futuristic. Nope. Like this meme points out, we aren’t flying high (even in planes), but rather teaching capable adults how to wash their hands, like children.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Okay, okay. So we have heard several times that you aren’t supposed to touch your face to avoid introducing the coronavirus into your system. Duly noted. But, once you start overanalyzing the situation, as we are prone to do in a moment of mass stress, you wonder, what about two times per day that we touch our faces–a lot?! This meme captures the moment you realize this. Just make sure to wash your hands afterwards!

Sneezing Right Now

We were so polite about sneezing just a month or so ago. We would say “bless you,” and maybe even hand the person a tissue. Not right now. Somebody sneezes and we are going into full scaredy cat mode, as evidenced in this funny meme.

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