What is Feng Shui? How to Create an Anti-Aging Home from a Qimag Feng Shui Master

In my first article I explained about the fast aging effect caused by a tensed body

Photo: Unsplash/@chastityco

Photo: Unsplash/@chastityco

In my first article I explained about the fast aging effect caused by a tensed body. This piece will take you through the five most important Qi-mag Feng Shui remedies that can help to transform your house into a vitalizing, anti-aging home.

Attracting Life Force to Your Home

A house must draw in the natural life force, called Qi, from the outside. The Qi must stay in the house as long as possible before it slowly flows away through the windows. You can attract this energy by eliminating obstacles from your entrance area. A soft, curved walkway towards the front door helps to create a soft flowing Qi. A water element like a pond in the front yard helps to increase the Qi quality. If you live in an apartment, the Qi enters where the living room is through the outside balcony or a large window.

Containing Positive Energy

The backside garden must have a firm closed fence to keep the Qi inside. Preferably the backside land must be higher; if this is not the case then put three big rocks in the center behind the house, with the middle rock in the highest position.

Every house must have a strong backing so the Qi doesn’t flow away. If the back wall has lots of windows, you can place a bonsai plant, a rock, or a stone turtle on the windowsill—these symbolize a mountain to block the Qi.

Creating a Focal Point

Houses must all have a strong heart point: this is an energy-filled spot that gives harmony to all family members and helps to strengthen the vital energy of the house. The heart point is in the central area of the house where family members meet, such as the living room or den. Make a nice heart point with photos and artwork that give you a joyful and happy feeling.

The Bedroom: A Quiet, Still Place

The bedroom should be where your body gets revitalized and rejuvenated. The position of the bed must be in the quietest part of the house, as far away from the bedroom door as possible and at least 25 inch from windows. The bed must not be in the door line and must have a headboard and preferably no window behind the headboard. This set up provides for the best sleep quality and body rejuvenation.

Choosing Bedroom Colors

Soft earth tones help relax your mind, and make ideal bedroom colors. The best is to check your personal energy element by a Feng Shui consultant. This can be water, wood, fire, earth or metal and find out which color is supportive. If, for example your energy element is fire, be careful with blue colors: blue represents water, which is not in harmony with fire.

Placing Furniture The Feng Shui Way

Qi-flow follows walking lines, so make sure you can walk freely without bumping into furniture and other interior items. If a table edge sticks out into the room, and people walk into it, it must be moved.

It’s important that your living space be kept clean and tidy, because a clear room leads to greater mental clarity. You can achieve this by removing all items that haven’t been used in the last six months. Also, regularly open all windows so the house is flushed with fresh vital Qi energy.

A vitalizing lifestyle supports an anti-aging living environment like eating fresh fruits and healthy food, soft body exercises like yoga and meditation helps to relax your body and mind and to release daily stress and support body rejuvenation. For more in-depth information, please visit my website or go feng-shui.com to find a certified Qi-mag Feng Shui consultant.

Foto_AnielR7Aniel Ramjanam is an International Architect and Qimag Feng Shui Master.

He advices multinationals, CEO’s, (sport)celebrities and royal families to transform their homes and offices in vitalizing buildings.

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