I Tried Crystal Light Bed Therapy and it Is Even Better Than Meditation

I consider myself to be a very spiritual person

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I consider myself to be a very spiritual person. I have a pretty balanced interest in healing crystals and all things related to cosmic consciousness, but I’m not hiding rose quartz in my bra and panties for love or keeping aventurine in my purse before a job interview. However, I do believe in the power of spiritual and energetic healing and I am receptive to anything that might fall under that realm. When I heard about the crystal light bed therapy offered at Modrn Sanctuary, I knew I had to try it. With all the changes happening in my life right now, what better way to get my chakras in check, or at least calm some of my current anxieties.

Modrn Sanctuary, located in NoMad, New York City, is unlike any other wellness center I’ve ever visited. The spa, which is owned by certified hypnotherapist and life coach, Alexandra Janelli, is breathtaking to say the least. Think high ceilings, a large wooden door that looks like it was borrowed from an eastern Asian temple, luxe furniture, Zen music playing, and an overall calmness that makes you feel like you’re about to embark on an Eat Pray Love kind of adventure – you know, the Bali part. Everything about this place is inviting, which was enough to assure me that I was in fact, in a safe space.

Before starting my crystal light bed therapy session, I was asked to set my intention for the treatment. Edgar Monserrate, the center’s coordinator, passed me a card with a number of healing frequencies to choose from. This helps set the tone for the treatment. You have the option of either choosing one of the intentions offered on the card or writing out your own. I chose the last intention, which was to reconnect to oneness and light because who can’t use a little bit of that in their life?

The treatment room is a true nirvana. Just walking in there transformed me into a much calmer and peaceful state. The actual bed is lined with chambers filled with amethyst stone that contain healing properties, known to help with the nervous system, circulation, and even anxiety.


Over the bed hangs Vogel cut quartz crystals filled with UV lights and magnets, designed to align with specific chakras in the body. The bed is composed of seven systems of energy transmission: light, sound, magnetic, crystal, orgone, scalar wave, and adjustable frequency. So how exactly does one actually benefit from this treatment?

“These crystals are fashioned to focus on the specific chakras of your body to transmit informational energy,” says Monserrate. “The scalar energy and the energy of the bed work at a quantum level to help create that full expression of your DNA to balance your chakras and also your biology. It en-trains your cells.”

The science behind it is that your DNA needs a few conditions in order for it to work, including magnetism, frequency, light, UV light, and intention. In other words, the more balanced you are, the more vibrant your life will be. The balance can mean anything from bringing up your energy levels, calming anxiety, to even physical and much more tangible changes like reducing inflammation or better sleep.

While laying on the bed, Monserrate sets the crystals and lights for my treatment. I close my eyes and put on a pair of headphones that play binaural beats that are said to be effective in en-training the body to hit a restful state.

“What the bed does is, it’ll pick up these frequencies of where there might be disharmony in the body and utilize one of the frequencies to harmonize it,” explains Janelli. “All of these components of the bed help to reset your DNA. The mitochondria in your cells produces ADP used for DNA replication. The idea is that you’re going to have an intention in your mind, which are your thoughts. This will then help to reprogram the DNA with your new intention through the different frequencies, vibrations, and binaural beats of the machine.”

I may be new to this kind of science, but I can’t deny my blissful experience. I hit such a relaxed and meditative state. I literally fell asleep and found myself dreaming about being in an Amazonian rainforest. I saw waterfalls, bright green trees, tropical birds, and a bright sunrise. I felt so good you’d think I was either high or just popped two Xanax. I had come into Modrn Sanctuary stressed about some personal issues and I almost forgot what they even were by the time I left. Seriously, where has this machine been my whole life?

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