10 Crystals That Can Help Boost Your Energy for the Best Summer Ever

Whether you just want to live your best life this summer, you have specific goals to meet in the next few months, you’re looking for love, or you just need a major shift in energy, there’s a crystal for that

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Whether you just want to live your best life this summer, you have specific goals to meet in the next few months, you’re looking for love, or you just need a major shift in energy, there’s a crystal for that. Every time we usher in a new season, our hope for all the good things feels renewed and it helps us to have a more positive outlook, but who couldn’t use a little boost? The beginning of a new season is a great time to re-evaluate your circumstances, shift your mindset, and renew your focus, and there are crystals that can help you do all of that.

Crystals are essentially a tool that can help you channel your spirituality in order to attain your spiritual goals and ideals…a spiritual aid of sorts, that can be used in conjunction with other aspects of your spirituality to help you manifest your intentions. They’re not a magic wand, but the specific vibrations of each type of crystal can enhance your intentions for say prosperity, emotional freedom, physical wellness, love, etc. So if you want to have the best summer ever, try keeping these crystals close by.wp_*posts


Citrine is a specific type of quartz that boasts a lovely golden hue. It’s a beautiful gem known to be highly energizing. It’s also one that can be used to manifest abundance, prosperity, and wealth. Citrine is believed to have confidence-boosting powers and is said to ward off negativity and help promote emotional balance. Generally speaking, it’s pretty much an essential crystal to have in your repertoire to bring on all the good vibes.wp_*posts

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a rock composed of  calcite, lazurite, and pyrite. It’s actually a protection stone that is known to help preserve emotional wellbeing and bring on a peaceful mindset, so you’ll be able to maintain a good mood throughout the day. Lapis lazuli is also said to help bring on confidence, creativity, and its known as the Wisdom Keeper.



Amethyst is an incredibly popular and readily available crystal that is known to have a slew of positive benefits for both your emotional and physical wellbeing. It can help reduce feelings of anger, stress, and anxiety, and promote a more optimistic attitude and it’s also good for cell regeneration. Amethyst is believed to help dispel negative energy, while ridding the body of toxins to promote holistic wellness. You can easily find the crystal itself but you can also get the stone in jewelry to carry it with you all the time.



Onyx is another incredible stone that can be massively beneficial for your energy. It’s actually believed to absorb negative energy and transform it into positivity, and can even rid your mind of negative thoughts. Onyx may also have protective powers and can bring a gorgeous glow to your skin, hair, and nails. Who couldn’t use some of that in the summertime? We most commonly think of black onyx but there are actually varieties in many beautiful colors.wp_*posts

Rose Quartz

People love rose quartz in part because it’s just so beautiful, but it’s also quite a powerful crystal. We all need a confidence and self-love boost in the summertime, and rose quartz can help with that. It promotes mental health and some say it can bring on feelings of bliss. Most prominently rose quartz is associated with true, unconditional love, so maybe that summer fling will turn into a legit romance if you keep it close by.wp_*posts


Turquoise is a stone the color of which instantly makes many of us think of the beach and summer vacations, but it’s more than just a gorgeous rock. Turquoise is generally known just to make people feel good, but more specifically, it can be an energizing stone that wards off negative vibes and can keep depression and fatigue at bay. It’s good for the immune system and can help your body absorb nutrients better too.wp_*posts


Quartz is a very special category of stones that includes some very powerful crystals. It’s actually the second most prevalent naturally occurring mineral on Earth. Clear quartz specifically, is known for its healing properties and the ability to increase energetic vibrations. Quartz will magnify any energy you are giving off, but it’s believed that if you hold it in your non-dominant hand you can invoke the opposite energy. It may also amplify the energies of other crystals used in your ritual. Basically, it’s quite versatile and you can use it to your benefit by setting very clear intentions.wp_*posts

Red Jasper


Red jasper is a really intriguing looking stone that can help you surround yourself with positive energy. It’s believed to help get rid of negative thoughts and promote feelings of peacefulness.  Red jasper is also known to give a physical boost to your energy levels when you’re feeling fatigued and lazy, so that you’ll have the motivation to get up and go do something fun this summer. It’s actually known as the “stone of endurance.”wp_*posts

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite just looks like summer doesn’t it? Not only will this crystal look beautiful displayed in your home all summer long, but it will serve your intentions as well. One of the biggest benefits of orange calcite is that it helps keep positive energy flowing and can increase vitality. It’s also known to be a strong cleansing crystal that can rid the air around you of negativity and your mind from the effects of past traumas, to help you feel lighter, more free, and more joyful.wp_*posts


Carnelian is another really vibrantly hued crystal that is known to improve energy, bring confidence and strength, and ward off negativity. It too is believed to increase vitality, as well as improve libido and promote healing. Carnelian can also be used for protection from negative intentions from others and improve your mindset about life. Some believe it can help you battle and overcome depression. This crystal can also be used as a love talisman to attract love and romance or restore it in your current relationship.

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