30 Curly Haircuts That Will Bring Back Your Bounce

Nothing says you’re ready to slay this new year like a fresh new haircut

Photo: Unsplash/@jarosphoto

Photo: Unsplash/@jarosphoto

Nothing says you’re ready to slay this new year like a fresh new haircut. You may just need to rejuvenate your weighed-down curls, or you might want to try a drastic new ‘do, but either way, we’ve got you covered. There are so many cuts out there these days for curly qs, it’s tough to determine which one will work with your exact curl pattern.

But the more you learn about the different techniques and know what you want the end result to look like, the more empowered you will be when you walk into that hair salon. Believe us when we say, the clearer you are with your vision the easier it is for your hairstylist to give you exactly what you want.

Check out these 30 stylish cuts especially designed for girls with curls. Your rizos will bounce back to life, and your confidence will get a boost too.

The Rëzo Cut

You want a haircut that works with your curls, not against them. You also want a cut that will lead to maximum styling versatility. The Rëzo Cut is a gloriously beautiful solution. According to the curl expert website, NaturallyCurly.com, the Rëzo Cut was (co-)created by Colombian stylist Nubia Suarez. It’s similar to the DevaCut, another popular cut focusing on curls, but the Rëzo, Suarez shared, “maintains an even length all the way around your head.” This means that, should you choose to straighten your hair, it will be even as well. One voluminous cut that makes your hair look fab two different ways? Yes, please!

Unique Layered Cut

They may have different branded or trademarked names, but the latest movement for amazing curl haircuts involve a personalized approach. Curls are uniquely different; cuts that work for one curl type may not (or will not) work for another. You also have to take into consideration a person’s face shape, hair thickness (or thinness), and lifestyle when producing the perfect cut. Stylists have taken to doing individualized cuts that really take all these things into consideration. This ensures that a look will work for you, and not just look fabulous in the salon chair. You can even ask for a cut that’s low maintenance for your type of curls.

Bangs with Face-Framing Layers

Gals with curly hair sometimes think that bangs are out of the question for them, unless they dedicate themselves to constantly straightening their hair, or getting frustrated and resorting to pinning them back. But curly bangs are actually a great way to create the prettiest frame of curls around your face, really bringing out your features, which is essentially what you want a great haircut to do. The bangs, with the surrounding face-framing layers, also help remove any weight that is in the way of your ideal haircut. The result is springy curls that give off carefree, ’70s Donna Summer disco vibes in the best way possible.

Graduated Bob

It looks like ’90s bobs are back and in a big way! You want the cool factor — of course — but may not want a blunt, all-one-length cut. The last thing you want is for your curls to look like a triangle or Christmas tree. The graduated bob, also known as an inverted bob or stacked bob, has layers in the back and longer sides in the front. The layers can be tailored to each person, depending on their hair and preference. For example, you can have the back super short, so that the front is more angled. Or you can get shorter, or longer layers, depending on how you want your curls to look and perform.



Have you heard of the DevaCut? If you have naturally curly hair, chances are you probably have. The haircut, from the geniuses behind the DevaCurl empire, is meant to give life and bounce to curls. Traditional haircuts involve wetting the hair, pulling it straight, and cutting it. The DevaCut method, instead, is a dry-cutting method, where the hairstylist can look at the hair in its natural state. This allows him or her to assess the curls and cut them where they naturally lie. The result is a truly personalized haircut that is unique to each person. You know your cut will work for you because it was designed specifically for you and your hair.

Curly Shag

The shag is a classic hairstyle, that has evolved to look modern, and not too throwback. It’s great, because it has shorter layers on top, and thins out towards the end. This means mega volume near the eyes where hair normally lies flat and tapered ends that slim out the hairstyle where needed. The final look is usually effortless, badass, and rocker-like. It’s also a cut that’s super low-maintenance — the messier the better. This is another example of a cut that will be customized according to a lot of factors, including the client’s curl type, hair thickness, face shape, and how much work they actually want to put into their daily hair routine.


How gorgeous is this haircut?! Her curls were released, giving her so much volume. The shape is also super cool. It’s all thanks to the Jazcut, a cut created by Jasmin (@jasmingotyou). According to the hairstylist, the cut “allow[s] each curl to have its own individual place, but still blend in with the bigger picture.” Isn’t that what you want an awesome cut to do? Sometimes, the shape of a cut is cool, but curls aren’t showcased and other times the curls look great, but the shape is haphazard. The JazCut eliminates having to choose between the two.

Coily Curly Short Cut

This pixie for curly hair is short but still long enough to showcase glossy, tight curls. Short cuts are fun because they can take on a variety of forms, to really compliment your face shape and hair type. The short hair really brings attention to your face — especially your eyes. You can add fringe, go as short as possible, or leave a little length at the top for movement and various styling options. The pixie is a timeless classic and this one is just as chic as the pixie, model and actress Zoe Kravitz has been known to wear.

Curly Crop


A great haircut shouldn’t just look great at the salon — it has to work and adapt to your lifestyle. Really, there’s nothing worse than a wonderful haircut that’s impossible to style the same way once you get home and wash it again. This curly crop is so cool, because, as you can see, it holds up to a boot camp workout, and bounces back into place as if nothing happened. It also looks a little different each time it’s styled, which allows for a plethora of fun and different style options. You can have more polished curls one time, and really mess it up (in a good way) for a more rock/punk/I-don’t-care-but-I-do vibe.

Long Layered Curly Cut


Long curly hair is amazing, but sometimes the weight of an all-one-length cut can weigh the curls down and give the hair a triangle, Christmas-tree shape. You want your curls to have the same bounce, volume, and definition no matter what the length, so the right cut will make that happen. Your stylist will know what layers to add in where. Some curly-haired women have hair that is straight on the top and curled toward the bottom — there are layers for that. Some have tight ringlets from top to bottom, while some have a varying amount of curls throughout their locks. A good hairstylist, trained in curl cuts, will know where to chop to make your curls look their best.

Triangle Cut

Okay, we know we just mentioned a triangle shape in a bad way, but there’s a huge difference between an unflattering triangle shape, which comes from weighed down hair with no volume at the top (the result of the wrong cut for your curls), and a triangle cut. Seen here on actress Susan Kelechi Watson, the “angled shape,” according to Allure magazine, “avoids flatness at the roots while booming with fro goodness.” We totally agree. It’s big, beautiful, and bold. This haircut gives off a chic ’70s throwback vibe that we’re loving.

Curly Angled Bob

Did we mention that bobs have been back in style for the past few seasons? They don’t seem to be going anywhere soon either. As much as we love trends, we also love classic haircuts that will stand the test of time (and more importantly work with you and your hair). Luckily, a bob haircut is both on-trend and timeless. Think about it — we’ve seen bobs in every decade, from the 1920s to today. This angled version has that great lift in the back, with fabulous layers that lead to voluminous curls and an effortless style.

Vintage Short Layered Cut

Remember when we said the best vintage hairstyles are those that are recreated today? It’s true, and we have proof! This stylish layered bob gives off total 1940s and ’50s throwback vibes and we’re so feeling it. The layers give the curls the best of both worlds — a sleek and sophisticated, polished shape, as well as movement and stylish messiness making it appear youthful and fun. And can we discuss for a second the mega shine on these curls? Check out that gloss! This is a cut that you can wear continuously, for a lifetime even, knowing it will consistently make your hair look incredible.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts can take the best that come from both short and long cuts, and blend them together for the best result. Just take this haircut, for instance. It has a tapered look, with shorter sides, and longer, perfect ringlets cascading down the front. It makes for an easily manageable look that doesn’t hide her curls, but rather highlights them. You can get this very same cut, or talk with your stylist to see what layers you personally will need, where they should go, and how long they should be, to really make your cut the best for your hair and face shape.

Curly Lob

The lob (or long bob) is another classic trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, which is great because it’s chic and versatile; it’s short enough to be easy to manage, but long enough to be able to pull back into a ponytail, half bun, low bun, and other similar styles. A hairstylist can give you a lob tailored to your curls, for a look you’ll love.

Curly Bob with Bangs

If you’re going to go for a bob, why not throw in some cute bangs while you’re at it? They instantly make you look younger (and hide any forehead wrinkles), make messy ponytails and buns look stylish, and frame your face for maximum look-at-me fabulosity. Just look at Tia Mowry’s haircut, her curls look bouncy, shiny, and voluminous. The fringe draws attention to her brows and beautiful brown eyes. The whole look is a throwback style at its very finest. Some call this look fringe and ‘fro, and it’s been appearing on the heads of celebrities and Instagram ladies alike. We dig it and can’t wait to see more people rock this style!

Sunflower Cut

The Sunflower Cut is the brainchild of naturally curly hair specialist Kristy Ramos. Ramos told NaturallyCurly.com that the cut is all about “adding lots of shorter layers in the crown area to give the curls freedom to move & not collapse heavily onto each other. Adding lots of floating layers in the hair help give the illusion of the curls blossoming which is what inspired the name of my version of the curly shag, the Sunflower Cut.” The voluminous curls really look like they’re blossoming out of the head, like the person wearing them is truly a flower.

Foundation Cut

The Foundation Cut is another branded name with great results. It was created by Georgia’s curly hair experts over at Atlanta’s Southern Curl. According to the stylist, the style (seen in the example above) was a dry curl cutting, which she designed for 4a-4z curls. It is similar to a DevaCut, but with the Southern Curl twist (see what we did there?). We are all here for cuts that perfectly suit the wearer, that is unique to each person, and really makes the most of their natural beauty and assets.

Curly Stacked Wedge


A wedge haircut is a throwback style that was popular during the 1970s. Like other great vintage hairstyles, it has been brought into modern times with some tweaks here and there. This version is a stacked wedge, meaning the hair is cut into stacks on the back of the head. This fashion-forward style allows curls to really pop and be seen, but with less hassle when it comes to maintenance. It makes it much easier to control your hairstyle and cut down on styling time. This is a great style for women on the go, who work out a lot, and/or live in hot weather and can’t always be bothered.

Long Layers

This is another fabulous DevaCut, but this time, it’s on even longer, curly hair. The DevaCut is meant to give you a cut that really speaks to your curls, instead of ignoring them. The end look is always bouncy, voluminous, glossy, and healthy-looking. This is a great way to add volume to longer curls that are easily weighed down. We are so excited to see so many salons and hairstylists who are dedicating their work solely to curly hair and creating the best cuts and styles for this type of hair. The result has lead to some amazing, out-of-this-world curls that we are so stoked to see on our Instagram feeds.

Curly Halo

We all would like our hair to look like a halo — angelic, large, and voluminous. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? We are totally on board with the curly halo haircut. In the example shown here, the look is healthy, the curls bouncy and defined, and the cut gives off a modern feel while also being very retro. It’s one of those hairstyles that balances the effortless, “I woke up like this” vibe, with a detailed, precision that looks like you’ve spent all day tending to your curls and shaping them, one by one. We are all for looking like you spent the extra time primping when actually, you didn’t.

Curly Wedge

The client in this photo didn’t have to cut her hair at all. Her curls are great, moisturized, and healthy. But the chop really gave her a completely different look. The cut was done in the summer and really must have made it so much easier to style during those warmer, humid (depending on where you are) months. This haircut is a curly wedge, which balances the benefits of a bob, with those of a shorter haircut, like a pixie. The equally vibrant hair color job just adds to the dimension of the curls. You can really see the curls pop with the addition of all those flattering colors.

Layered Long Bob


A lot of cuts look the same, but a small change here and there really make all the difference. After all, the best haircuts for curly hair are all about precision, and the little changes that weren’t thought of before, that suddenly give the curls a new life. This cut is a super long bob, which has layers added in. All the different layers of curls in the client’s hair really get a chance to be seen. The layers also guarantee that the curls won’t be weighed down, and maximum volume is achieved. It’s another stylish look that appears to be effortless but is so precise.

Curly Stacked Bob

We mention the words “curly,” “stacked, ” and “bob” in the same breath a lot in this story, but you will leave this article knowing that curls can live happily in a short, stacked style. They’re so light, easy to manage and stylish that you’ll want one for yourself! This version is included because it’s an example of a more dramatic angle. You can really see the shortness in the back, looking like a pixie cut. The front is much longer and angled, which add the drama you want in a haircut. It adds movement without even having to move. The less we have to do, the better.

Diametrix Cut

The Diametrix Cut was created by hairstylist and expert Christo. On Christo’s website, a satisfied customer (with gorgeous hair) explained the Diametrix process. She said it is “an evolutionary technique of cutting curly hair because it features an inner layer sliding texturizing cut, which is proven to work on every hair texture. This cut,” she explains, “is specifically designed to reduce bulkiness and avoid the pyramid shape that us curly girls have nightmares about.” The Diametrix Cut is done every 8 to 10 weeks, if the person is coloring their hair, and/or using hair styling tools on a regular basis.

Curly Long Pixie


When you think of pixie cuts, you might automatically think of a super short, choppy crop. This isn’t always the case. There’s a pixie cut for everyone out there. This version is the curly, long pixie. We love it because it looks like a short bob, but has the shorter hair in the back, like a pixie. The best part is that it is the ideal cut to make this woman’s naturally wavy hair texture really shine (figuratively as well as literally). If you get tired of this style, it will be easy to grow out the pixie into a traditional bob. If you want to go shorter, it’s just as easy.

Disconnected Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are so versatile and have so many varieties, it’ll be easy to find the perfect one for you and your fabulous curls. The disconnected pixie is bold and edgy, but also wearable. It’s where the sides of the hairstyle are a lot shorter, or disconnected, from the longer top part. This allows you to enjoy a shorter style, while still having the short style you also wanted. Think of it as a two-for-one hairstyle! This is a great natural next step for those who currently have bob haircuts.

Curly Undercut

If you ever thought, “I could never have short hair, my hair is way too big, thick, and curly,” well we have the solution for you. It’s called an undercut, and it’s where one side of the head (or both, or three) are cut short or shaved. The rest is left long, and can be layered, or not. In this photo, the undercut is hidden, unless you lift the hair up. It’s a clever way to get rid of extra hair that might keep you from getting a certain style. You could also have fun with your undercut, adding shaved-in designs to the cut area.

Curly Mohawk


A mohawk takes a cute, demure pixie cut and really gives it some edge. It’s also a great way to take out some extra hair and/or bulk you didn’t want in your haircut. Another idea is the popular pixie with one side shaved. It just adds something extra and edgy, without having to sacrifice your curls completely. It’s also a superb option for those living in super hot climates. Like a lot of the other cuts we mentioned, the mohawk can be tailored to your personal style, face shape, and hair type. It can be as long on the top as you want, or closer to the scalp, it’s all up to you.

Long V Cut

A v-shaped haircut is a great way to add in some layers for volume and movement, while also releasing bulk from the hair (versus a blunt, all-one-length cut) and making it easier to manage. When your hair is long, you don’t want to weigh down your curls, or you risk stretching them instead of allowing them to look and move as they should. Just look at this gorgeous long v-cut, it has all the length, but the curls are able to really bounce and look great. The highlights also add definition. You can ask your stylist to add in some highlights by using a balayage technique, to precisely add color where it will define your curls even more.

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