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4 Ways to Cleanse Your Body That Have Nothing to Do With Juicing

During the spring and summer months, you may here people talk incessantly about how they want to cleanse their system after months of eating not-so-healthy. We know juicing is a popular way to detox, but if sticking to a pure liquid diet is not your thing, we got your covered. Below are different type of cleanses that have nothing to do with juicing.

Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old science from India. It focuses on balancing the body and mind, using food as medicine. I follow Ayurvedic lifestyle and food principles in my own life and find that it brings me many benefits. What I like about this cleanse is that it works with the naturally occurring change in the seasons to detoxify your body, mind, and environment. It’s also holistic in that it goes beyond food and asks you to detoxify different parts of your life.

Eat Clean – This is a buzz phrase that people use a lot when talking about eating healthy, but what does eating clean mean? According to the Mayo Clinic, eating clean means “consum[ing] more whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats—and limit highly processed snack foods, sweets and other packaged foods.” This is a great concept in everyday eating and one way you can kick-start is by doing a “Clean Eating Cleanse.”

Detox Foods – There are specific vegetables which are natural detoxifiers for our bodies. If we want to focus on cleansing our bodies, sometimes the best way to do that is giving our bodies the top-of-the-line detox foods. These vegetables include artichokes, beets, avocados, and greens. What a delicious way to detoxify your body!

Sip Your Tea – Did you know that tea’s detoxifying powers can rival any master cleanse? What I find most interesting about tea is that any ingredient can be made into a tea and consumed. And garlic tea – though it may not sound super appetizing – is excellent at supporting the liver, which helps your body to detoxify more quickly. 

Cleanses can be great ways to get more energy, jumpstart a new diet, get ready for that beach vacation, or just a time to do something for yourself. For as many reasons as there are to do a detoxifying cleanse, there are as many (if not more) cleanses out there for you to try. This is not a one size fits all market, it truly is about what is best for your body, mind, and spirit. And of course, as with any change to your diet, always consult a physician before making any drastic changes.