30 Dope Motivational Sweatshirts to Rock This Winter

Sweater and sweatshirt season is finally among us y’all! And it gives us the best excuse to layer up

Photo: Unsplash/@captured_deguia

Photo: Unsplash/@captured_deguia

Photo: GreenBoxShop

Sweater and sweatshirt season is finally among us y’all! And it gives us the best excuse to layer up. While we can easily hit up any retail store for a chic and cozy option, we’re thinking why not look for one that’s stylish but also offers a cultural or inspirational message? It’s fun a way to get to share a message with people without even interacting with them directly.

Since we love being outspoken people, we wanted to share 30 of our favorite sweatshirts and hoodies that not only will keep you warm but will also share an important message. And of course, we included several options that reflect Latinx culture, and are by Latinx brands. You can grab some of these for yourself, or share them as cool holiday gifts!

Roll Call Hoodie by Bella Doña

There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of different emotions and even going through them all in one day. Bella Doña knows this, proudly listing all sorts of descriptions of “difficult” women on their Roll Call hoodie. It inspires you to fearlessly own who you are — both the good and not so good!

Available at bella-dona.com, $60

ÑY is Nueva York Sweatshirt, by Peralta Project


Peralta Projects’s ÑY is Nueva York Sweatshirt allows you to rep both your city and/or state of origin, as well as your Latinidad in one dope pullover. There are different variations on this theme on the site, as well as a hoodie version of this particular graphic.

Available at peraltaproject.com, $45

Chingona Sweatshirt by Soy Chingona

Sometimes (or all the time), you want to let the world know who they are dealing with. If that’s a confident,
independent, and badass woman, who lives life on her terms, then Soy Chingona’s Chingona sweatshirt is just for you. The brand has several variations of this theme, including those with pretty red roses.

Available at soychingona.com, $35

I Don’t Have Time For… Hoodie, by GreenBoxShop

Photo: GreenBoxShop

A well-worded sweatshirt can ward off the wrong people, who you don’t want to be dealing with. GreenBoxShop is a brand that is not about mincing words, absolutely telling it like it is. This sweatshirt states precisely what you don’t have time for: hate, racism, misogyny, ableism, homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, and bigotry.

Available at greenboxshop.us, $42

Latina Power Sweatshirt, by Jen Zeano Designs

We will take any opportunity to uplift ourselves and other fabulous Latinas. This includes wearing our pride on a sweatshirt. Jen Zeano Designs has a great best-selling pullover in mauve and navy, emblazoned with the words “Latina Power,” that we are so here for.

Available at jenzeanodesigns.com, $50

Coquita and Pasteles Season Hoodie, by 10Thirty1Designs

Photo: 10Thirty1Designs/Etsy

There is a plethora of sweatshirts celebrating turkey and pumpkin spice everything. But what about the specifically Latinx holiday delicacies?! The Coquita and Pasteles Season Hoodie, by 10Thirty1Designs, shouts out a delicious drink and dish from Puerto Rican culture that emerges in households everywhere each holiday season.

Available at etsy.com, $38 and up

Brainwashed Hoodie, by GreenBoxShop

Photo: GreenBoxShop

Another bold hoodie from GreenBoxShop that shares an important truth is their Brainwashed Hoodie. It states, without apology: “You were brainwashed into thinking European features are the epitome of beauty.” This sweatshirt not only speaks facts, but celebrates those who don’t fit into this “mainstream,” limited box.

Available at greenboxshop.com, $42

Allergic to Pendejadas Sweatshirt, by Viva La Bonita

Photo: Viva La Bonita

Viva La Bonita is another brand that isn’t afraid to put facts on the front of cool T-shirts and sweatshirts. We are definitely allergic to pendejadas and hope everyone else is too. If you are, then you should look into snatching up their hilarious yet true pullover.

Available at vivalabonita.com, $36.99

Votes for Women Sweatshirt, by Fourth Wave Apparel

Photo: Fourth Wave Apparel/Etsy

Everyone should be a feminist. It simply means that women and men are equal, and should be treated that way. This includes women representing us in all levels of government. Fourth Wave Apparel brings this point home with their sweatshirt simply stating “Votes for Women.”

Available at etsy.com, $35

Viva La Latina! Sweatshirt, by The Gen Co.

Photo: The Gen Co./Etsy

Latinx-owned The Gen Co. shares an upbeat yet important message in a friendly Barbie-like font —Viva La Latina! This hoodie will brighten up your day, give you a healthy dose of orgullo Latino, and keep you warm.

Available at etsy.com, $37 and up

Latino Hustle is the Best Hustle Sweatshirt, by wearemitu

Photo: wearemitu/Etsy

We Latinos know how to work super hard to make something big and successful out of nothing. Mitú encompasses this point of Latinx pride with their sweatshirt that reads “Latino Hustle is the Best Hustle.” The pullover comes in black or navy and features an ultra-cool, stylish font.

Available at etsy.com, $39.99

Se Habla Spanglish (Barreras), by Peralta Project

Afro-Dominican Tony Peralta (founder of Peralta Project) knows how to take Latinx pop culture moments and pay homage to them in stylish, cool ways. Like with this fun and funny tee. It is a reworking of the iconic Ingles Sin Barreras product design, changed to say “Se Habla Spanglish.” It’s genius and so very true.

Available at peraltaproject.com, $50

La Jefa Hoodie, by StayandDesign

Photo: StayandDesign/Etsy

You are the jefa of your life. You may also be the jefa of your business and/or household. Let’s celebrate this by saying it loud and proud. You don’t have to say a word if you wear this pretty floral-accented sweatshirt by StayandDesign, available on Etsy.

Available at etsy.com, $35 and up

It Costs $0.00 To Be A Kind Human Being Sweatshirt, by Self-Care Is For Everyone

Photo: Self-Care Is For Everyone

Sometimes, people need to be reminded of how they can help change the world with their simple actions. One of the biggest ones is just being a nice human being — it’s free and super effective. Self-Care Is For Everyone makes a cool sweatshirt that reiterates this exact fact.

Available at selfcareisforeveryone.com, $39.95

Brown Girl You Are the World Sweatshirt, by Bella Doña

Another fabulous sweatshirt from Bella Doña is their Brown Girl Sweater, which emblazons the words “Brown Girl You Are The World,” on a sandstone-hued sweatshirt, in a warm, retro font. It’s perfect for any day of the year, but will look especially great with fall’s warm, ’70s-style colors and trends!

Available at bella-dona.com, $50

Mujer Poderosa Hoodie, by The Gen Co.

Photo: The Gen Co./Etsy

You are a powerful woman, so why not have a sweatshirt that says just that? The Gen Co. created this adorable hoodie, with a Barbie-hued hot pink font that reads “Mujer Poderosa.” This would make for a great holiday gift for the badass, inspiring lady or ladies in your life!

Available at etsy.com, $37 and up

Afro-Latina Sweatshirt, by GlamHerTees

Photo: GlamHerTees/Etsy

This cool sweatshirt by GlamHerTees allows you to rep your Afro-Latinidad to the world with a cool dose of rich ’80s/’90s color. The fun hues will add interest to so many of your neutral-colored sweats, leggings, jeans, and other bottoms.

Available at etsy.com, message seller for details

Beautiful Shade of Brown Sweatshirt, by Viva La Bonita

Photo: Viva La Bonita

Another Viva La Bonita sweatshirt that we wanted to showcase comes in warm mustard with red font, as well as a bold red with a mustard font. But the message is all about celebrating our brownness (“A Beautiful Shade of Brown”).

Available at vivalabonita.com, $36.99

The Only Thing Destroying America is the Rich Hoodie, by GreenBoxShop

Photo: GreenBoxShop

You could easily do a round-up just of amazing hoodies from GreenBoxShop. They’re cool, on-trend, and always pack a powerful message. This one speaks mad truth about the only minority who is ruining America–the rich.

Available at greenboxshop.us, $42

Feminist Sweatshirt by November and Mae

Photo: November and Mae/Etsy

It’s always lovely when, with clothing, you can represent who you are while also looking stylish and feminine. This sweatshirt by November and Mae achieves all that flawlessly. The word “feminist” is printed on a pretty peach background, for a wardrobe piece that will add warmth and strength to so many outfits.

Available at etsy.com, $32.50

Cafecito Sweatshirt, by Pigment & Garment

Photo: Pigment & Garment/Etsy

First we drink coffee. Then all the epic stuff happens. This sweatshirt, by Pigment & Garment, brings that notion home nicely. It repeats on its front one of our favorite words, “Cafecito,” followed by a polite “Thank You.”

Available at etsy.com, $30.80

Indigenous Sweatshirt, by Midwest Indigenous

Photo: Midwest Indigenous/Etsy

Midwest Indigenous created a perfect hoodie, available now on Etsy, to let the world know that you are Indigenous and proud of it. The pullover is made in neutral black and white, which means it will easily go with so much in your wardrobe.

Available at etsy.com, $45

Queen Inspirational Words Sweatshirt, by MOCTWETLLC


Many sweatshirts have one word that speaks to who you are; this one has several. The Queen Inspirational Words Sweatshirt, by MOCTWETLLC lets everyone know that you love yourself, and know what you have to offer the world by featuring words like “Queen,” “Savvy,” “Unique,” “Strong,” and “Friend.”

Available at etsy.com, $39

You’re Doing Great Sweatshirt, by Good Words Apparel

Photo: Good Words Apparel/Etsy

This sweatshirt is not only a reminder that you are doing great, but it is also such an uplifting moment for anyone who reads it. The go-with-everything pullover is made by Good Words Apparel and is available to buy now in their Etsy shop.

Available at etsy.com, $27.53 and up

Hope for Peace Sweatshirt, by happy little home shop

Photo: happy little home shop/Etsy

Two of the most important things you can have in life is hope and peace. You want to have it, and you want the world to have it. This dope sweatshirt, by happy little home shop, combines these two necessities in one graphic that looks stylish and not cheesy.

Available at etsy.com, $32.72

Resist Sweatshirt, by Smash Transit

Photo: Smash Transit/Etsy

Smash Transit created this bold sweatshirt. It features a word that we all need to see and hear — resist. It is through resistance that change is made. This pullover is a stylish reminder of that.

Available at etsy.com, $41.50 and up

Mucho Amor Sweatshirt, by Peralta Project


The late, great Walter Mercado just passed, but his legacy of being a big part of Latinx pop culture will always live on. Peralta Project has paid homage to Mercado in the past, but the brand is currently selling this cool neon-esque sweatshirt featuring the famous Puerto Rican astrologer, actor, writer, and dancer.

Available at peraltaproject.com, $45

I’m So Freaking Cold Sweatshirt, by Graceful Tees

Photo: Graceful Tees/Etsy

This is the time of year when it gets super cold in a lot of places in the country. This sweatshirt, by Graceful Tees, literally lets the world know that you are freezing, yet still look cute.

Available at etsy.com, $21.95

Woman Up Sweatshirt, by Cutie Bean Clothing

Photo: Cutie Bean Clothing/Etsy

Forget the phrase “man up.” It’s about womaning up–that’s a whole different level of strength and resilience. This sweatshirt, by Cutie Bean Clothing, reminds you to woman up, while also inspiring all the ladies around you.

Available at etsy.com, $22.95

Powerful, Resilient Energy Sweatshirt, by November and Mae

Photo: November and Mae/Etsy

Speaking of resilience, this November and Mae sweatshirt mentions energy that is both resilient and powerful. It’s what you want to have, as well as what you want within those you surround yourself with.

Available on etsy.com, $34.50

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