8 Earth Day Foodie Finds For The Eco-Friendly Chica

Every year, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd — a day set aside to specifically focus on the environmental impact that we are having on our planet and how we can begin to reverse it

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Every year, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd — a day set aside to specifically focus on the environmental impact that we are having on our planet and how we can begin to reverse it. In 2018, Earth Day is dedicated to End Plastic Pollution. On the official Earth Day website, it says:

From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our waste streams and landfills, the exponential growth of plastics is now threatening the survival of our planet.

One of the big things that I do in order to decrease my personal environmental impact, and especially the plastic pollution I contribute to, is carry a reusable water bottle and bring a tote bag whenever I go to the grocery store. But you can do a lot more to change the impact you have on the planet, along with helping companies who are trying to make an impact, too. If you’re hoping to do more for our planet this Earth Day, then you can start at your grocery store. From an eco-friendly beer to chocolate that’s good for the planet, here are 8 Earth Day foodie finds you’ll actually feel good about buying.

1. Numi Organic Tea

Photo: Numitea.com

Numi Organic Tea is a great Earth Day foodie find, primarily because all of the tea bags are non-GMO and compostable, the boxes are recycled and made from 85% post-consumer waste, and they are Fair Trade certified. I highly recommend the Mate Lemon, which is an infusion of South American Yerba Maté, Australian Lemon Myrtle and green tea for a delicious, earthy and soothing drink.wp_*posts

2. Annie’s Homegrown

Photo: Annies.com

Annie’s is a company that has a year-round commitment to Earth Day thanks to their journey to “bring soil back to life through the use of regenerative farming practices.” They do things such as composting, soil tilling and crop rotation as part of their commitment to regenerative agriculture. The best part? Their Organic Mac & Cheese and Organic Honey Bunny Grahams have both been produced using these practices.wp_*posts

3. Organic Valley

Photo: OrganicValley.com

Organic Valley has been a farmer-owned cooperative since 1988 and they’re not only USDA certified but they’re also good for the environment since the company researches and promotes on-farm renewable energy projects. Their products are primarily milks, cheeses and eggs. You can find most of their products at your local grocery store, like the Mexican Cheese Blend that I always have on hand for Taco Tuesday.wp_*posts

4. New Belgium Brewing

Photo: NewBelgium.com

The Fort Collins, Colorado, based company is the third-largest craft beer maker in the U.S. but also big on environmentally-friendly practices. The brewery diverts 99.8& of its waste from landfills and is an outspoken advocate for climate change action. We’re especially big fans of the New Belgium Mural, which is an aqua fresca ale in collaboration with Mexico City’s Cerveceria Primus.wp_*posts

5. Lundberg Family Farms

Photo: Lundberg.com

This family-owned and operated company uses eco-friendly farming methods to make rice and rice products. They get about 20% of their energy from solar energy and partner with Renewable Choice Energy in Colorado to install wind farms to offset conventional energy use. They’re my absolute favorite brand of brown rice, but I also really love their rice and quinoa blends, such as the Cilantro Lime Rice and Spanish Style Rice. wp_*posts

6. Endangered Species Chocolate

Photo: Chocolatebar.com

Endangered Species Chocolate is Fair Trade certified, which is awesome, but you know what’s even better? The company donates 10% of their net profits to organizations that are working to protect endangered species native to the areas where they source their cocoa beans. You can’t go wrong with any of their chocolates, but the Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon, Cayenne & Cherries is a personal favorite. wp_*posts

7. CLIF Bar & Company

Photo: Cliffbar.com

Everyone loves CLIF Bars, don’t they? Well, the company has a direct business plan to sustain its community, its employees, and our planet. About 80% of their ingredients are organic, and they have a corporate mission to reduce their carbon footprint and build a supply chain that connects them more directly with farmers. I suggest starting with the CLIF Nut Butter Filled Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter bars.


8. Grounds for Change Coffee

Photo: Groundsforchange.com

This company, which is paced in the Pacific Northwest, makes great coffee AND has a mission to make organic, Fair Trade coffee. They also have community-based programs in coffee-growing countries. For instance, farmers in Peru and Mexico receive a higher price per pound for their coffee in order to support local domestic violence intervention programs and small business loans for women.

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