Becky G Hopes to Truly Represent the Diversity within the Latinx Community With New Show

Singer, actress, and founder of Tresluce Beauty Becky G can now add show host to her growing resume with the launch of Face to Face with Becky G on Facebook Watch this week

Face to Face with Becky G

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Singer, actress, and founder of Tresluce Beauty Becky G can now add show host to her growing resume with the launch of Face to Face with Becky G on Facebook Watch this week. She recently made an appearance on Red Table Talk: The Estefans, also on Facebook Watch, talking about love, sex, and her career and now she’s on the other side of the couch, so to speak, interviewing celeb guests. In an interview with HipLatina she shared that the intention behind the show is to have a platform to discuss important topics and represent our community. She describes it as “unfiltered, authentic, and young,” and shares that despite feeling like she’ll be judged for her age, she’s lived through a lot in her 24 years. She openly discussed on RTT her “mid-life crisis” when she was just nine years old and has opened up in the past about bullying when she was young and the financial struggles her family faced.

“I think a lot of people see me and they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re only 24 You haven’t lived that much life,’ and I’m like, I’m actually like, a cat is on their seventh of nine lives. I’ve been through a lot of sh*t. And I know I’m not the only one,” she tells HipLatina. She excitedly lists the names of the show guests including Diego Boneta, Isabela Merced, Anthony Ramos, Mickey Guyton, Tinashe, Rome Flynn, Chiquis, Angel Merino, Christen Dominique, and Sofia Reyes.

Some of the topics at the center of these conversations include the evolution of Latinx representation in media, diversity and colorism within the Latinx community, the Latinx beauty representation revolution, and breaking into the formerly male-dominated world of Latinx music.

“What Face to Face with Becky G is showing is the human behind the the person that has accomplished so many things,” she shares, adding that the guests were selected to delve into these relevant issues. “In order to really see ourselves, we have to create the spaces to to be able to talk about these things and and an unfiltered, honest way.”

The first episode features singer Demi Lovato as they discuss coming into their identity after revealing this year that they identify as non-binary and go by the pronouns they/them.“When I started assessing my spirituality I realized that my masculine energy was just as prominent as my feminine energy. And I kind of came to the conclusion that I identify as non-binary and gender non-confirming,” Lovato shared. “I just want people out there to know – especially younger people, who are entering into a world where they might not feel secure or…they feel scared to come out – I want to show people that it’s okay. And it feels really, really great.”

Becky G Demi Lovato

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Becky, who is also an executive producer of the show, shares that she set out to create a safe space for these conversations and wanted it to feel like two friends chatting. Considering her past opening up for Lovato when she was starting out as a singer, their rapport was free flowing and a mix of serious moments and the kind of banter you have with close friends. At one point Lovato shares that she’d be open to dating an alien saying “I am so tired of humans and their human bullsh*t!”

Becky shares she intentionally added an element of fun to the show including a hot pepper taste test with raw peppers that she describes as “intense”. But ultimately it’s the powerful discussions she’s most proud of, especially on topics related to our community. “There are some things that I walked away from feeling really proud of because there are some very necessary things within even our Latinx culture that we need to unlearn specifically about racism and colorism.”

In that same thread, she shares that she was reluctant to enter the world of beauty because of the criticism she would get but she was motivated by the opportunity to represent as a Latina and woman of color. She launched Tresluce Beauty, a makeup line inspired by her Mexican roots, earlier this year featuring an eyeshadow palette that includes agave sourced from Jalisco, Mexico where her family is from. The design on the palette also includes the agave plant and was created by Mexican artist Monica Loya.

“It’s very easy to get discouraged and say they’re just gonna think that this is a cash grab, people are gonna think that this is just another celebrity makeup brand. And it’s everything but that. for me, it is about the community, I would say it’s not about me, it’s about we. And within the Latinx beauty space, there is so much talent, there is such a big market, but we’re never catered to in a way that is true or authentic.”

She’s joined by makeup artist Manny MUA and Christen Dominique, founder of Dominique Cosmetics, and according to Becky, mainstream media wouldn’t regularly have a discussion with all three sharing the same couch. “Enough with the boxes,” she says, highlighting how there are enough opportunities for Latinxs to all take part in. This intentionality fuels the show and it’s so significant to have yet another series dedicated to talking about Latinxs and not being afraid to have the hard conversations. Representation matters, and for Becky it’s at the core of her work even if she stumbles along the way.

“By no means are we going to get it right every single time. But I think it’s important to show people that we should try, we should definitely be trying to learn, we should be asking the questions, we should be creating the safe spaces to have the uncomfortable conversations, because that’s how you make progress.”

Face to Face with Becky G includes 10 episodes that will be released weekly on Facebook Watch

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