Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Fall Getaway

Just because the summer is over that doesn’t mean that you need to stop thinking about those vacay and travel plans

Photo: Unsplash/@averieclaire

Photo: Unsplash/@averieclaire

Just because the summer is over that doesn’t mean that you need to stop thinking about those vacay and travel plans. If you chose to staycation over the summer, then maybe now it’s your turn at the office to pick your week on the vacation calendar. The fall travel deals are within reach, and it’s never too late to get going on that getaway.

Save the Date

The truth lies in the numbers—USA Today states that August 22 is the date when airline prices start becoming cheaper for the fall season, and we’re already far beyond that. Depending where you’re planning on going, the price of your flight could drop up to half. Use that extra money to spend some extra nights, upgrade your hotel, or even splurge on that must visit restaurant that you thought was out of your budget. Having trouble snagging the best deals? Well, there’s definitely an app for that.wp_*posts

Fall Foliage on the Open Roads

If you tried to pack up the car during the summer and hop on the open roads, they probably weren’t be so open. And even less so if you’re tried to take advantage of those long holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day. But once fall rolls around, the roads start opening up. That should give you some time to take in and appreciate the rich outdoor scenery, which becomes prettier all over the states. The vibrant colors of the fall foliage in New England and New York will make the car ride go that much quicker, and temperatures in places further south like Charleston, South Carolina will become tolerable enough to enjoy that water ride on the harbor. The steady year-round temperatures in places like the Bay Area can finally be appreciated without the throngs of summer tourists by your side. So if you’re lucky enough to get Columbus Day off from work, that long weekend is just around the corner for you to get more out of that impromptu trip.wp_*posts

Beach Season Isn’t Over Yet

While temperatures start to drop in the more northern parts of the US, you’ll still find perfect beach weather in plenty of destinations both in the US and abroad. So who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? From DC to Florida, you’re still going to find those warm beach days in the Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head. Europe’s southern coast on the Mediterranean—from Portugal to Greece—will also offer terrain worth exploring. As temperatures remain in the 70s at the end of the beach season, you’ll find lower prices on hotels and flights and won’t be overwhelmed with too many tourists in the crowd around you.wp_*posts

Fall Festivals

Just because the summer is over, doesn’t mean the fun should stop. In fact, there are lots of places where the fun is just getting started for the fall season. For the traditionalists looking to enjoy a classic fall festival, you might want to check out the National Apple Harvest Festival outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania or the many Oktoberfests, not only in Munich but back stateside as well. Even Mexico offers its own spin on Oktoberfest in Guadalajara, in addition to a host of other festivals to round out the month of October before cities like Oaxaca, Aguascalientes, and Merida go all out for their Day of the Dead Celebrations.

Or if you’re a bit more aventurera, why not the Wine & Chile Fiesta in Santa Fe—I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of a more intriguing combo… Even more off the beaten path, perhaps the Wild Mushroom Celebration in Washington State.wp_*posts

Thankful for… Travel Deals?

If Thanksgiving with the family was too much for you to handle last year, why not try switching it up? While Thanksgiving is known to be the most traveled day of the year, some thinking outside of the box can get you to a fun destination at less than what you might pay otherwise. While domestic routes are saturated, you might find that international flight prices are lower than average. And if you’re willing to fly at strange times or on Thanksgiving Day itself, you might save even more. So perhaps it’s time to make the trip home (and the turkey) virtual this year as you give thanks for your excursion abroad becoming a reality.

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