Our Favorite Telenovela Actresses of The 90s

For many Latina girls growing up in the 90s, telenovela actresses were akin to today’s Kim Kardashians and Taylor Swifts. I remember watching novelas with my mom as was one of my favorite pastimes. It was great having a little ritual with her; she was always so busy cleaning and cooking, and rarely took a break. As such, I came to know and love many of the actresses on my screen. It’s been well over a decade since I really got into a novela, but I still look back on many of these shows fondly (and fortunately some can still be found on YouTube and Netflix). If you’re wondering what these estrellas are doing now, read on:


Undoubtedly the queen bee of 90s telenovelas, I can’t imagine there was a single Latina girl growing up at this time that wasn’t obsessed with her. Thalia got her start on a telenovela called Quinceanera, but really came into her own as Maria Mercedes. From there, Thali starred in Mari Mar, Rosalinda, and of course the most melodramatic of them all: Maria La Del Barrio. Eventually, Thalia went on to marry Tommy Mottola (Mariah Carey’s ex), and most recently helped direct a documentary about quinceaneras for HBO.




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