February’s Full Moon Ritual Will Help You Finally Let Go

Our full moon pieces have been a journey in themselves, in that every bruja we’ve featured has led to another bruja, helping form a strong community of women honoring their ancestral and spiritual selves

Photo: Unsplash/@lucahuter

Photo: Unsplash/@lucahuter

Our full moon pieces have been a journey in themselves, in that every bruja we’ve featured has led to another bruja, helping form a strong community of women honoring their ancestral and spiritual selves. Every month, each bruja, like the moon cycle, has brought something new to the table. This month, we talked to curandera, consejera, and maestra Luz Rios Quiñones who comes from a long lineage of traditional healers who taught her about lunar energy and is an integral part of her practice.


“The Full Moon on Tuesday, February 19, is in the earth sign of Virgo forming a conjunction with the fixed star Regulus the star of Courage,” she says, “This is a strong, daring Full Moon. She will also form a trine with Mars and Uranus — a conjunction that has been propelling us towards liberation.”

This courageous Full Moon is encouraging us to tap into our inner power and liberate ourselves from our past. We are being told to take action and break free from old patterns.

Learning about the moon cycles, it’s power and influence can offer healing for many women and February’s Full Moon is no different. Rios Quinones stresses that the placement of the moon and the aspects it makes in the heavens creates a unique influence.

“Wise women (our abuelas) understood that we as women carry the rhythm of the universe within us. The 28-day lunar cycle mirrors our own 28-day menstrual cycle,” she says.

Rios Quiñones even adds that the moon cycle influences everything we do, like when is the right time to cut your hair.

“Cutting our hair on the right lunar day can strengthen our immune system and bring prosperity. Choosing the wrong day to cut hair can weaken our system and bring in obstacles,” says Rios Quiñones. Which you can learn more about below.


In her workshops, she teaches women how to use the 28-day lunar cycle to set intentions and create a life they love.

“When we align with lunar energy and use it to our advantage the potential as creatresses are unlimited,” she adds.


But keep in mind, that each person is influenced differently, she says. Mainly because it depends on your natal chart.

“Our bodies are primarily made up of water. Just like the moon affects the ocean tides, it also affects us,” Rios Quiñones says, “You’ll notice that we as women retain a lot of water during the Full Moon. This is why I highly suggest drinking a lot of water a few days before the Full Moon so that your system flushes out.”

Her ritual of choice is super simple to execute.  

Luz_Astral’s Full Moon Ritual:

  • Write down what you want to “end” and focus clearly on that intention
  • Light the slip of paper on fire and drop it into a bowl
  • As it burns, imagine what you are banishing from your life and more importantly who you will be once it ends. 
  • Once the paper is finished burning, take the ashes and give it back to the earth (away from your house).
  • You can scatter the ashes on the ground or allow the wind to take them but the idea is to release it back to Mother Earth

Rios Quiñones says this is an easy way to tap into the energy of this lunar eclipse that encourages us to embrace endings and bring necessary things to a close. Because every ending is an opportunity for a new beginning. Let go and make room for something new.


“It’s imperative that we as women return to the old ways of our abuelas who understood that we are not separate from the cycles of the universe,” she adds. “When we understand these cycles we can use them to create our own destinies.”

Happy Full Moon, brujas.

Luz Rios Quiñones is a Maestra, Curandera, a native traditional healer and Consejera (reader). Her daily astrology posts are part of her work to empower women to use Astrology as a tool for self-development. You can find her on Instagram @Luz_Astral.

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