13 Resources for Free or Affordable Mental Healthcare

Our health extends past what our bodies experience. When our arm hurts, we go to the doctor, but why is it so taboo to talk to someone about depression, anxiety, or any other mental health illness? Even saying the words “mental health” or “mental illness” puts people on the defensive, or shuts down communication, especially in Latinx families and culture.

We need to open up the dark and dusty windows of the past and let the sun shine on mental health. It’s time to talk about it, encourage that others get help, and get help ourselves. Our mental health should be something we tend to just the same as we drink enough water and go to the gym regularly. Self-care is paramount, m’ijas! Your well-being is important! And money should never be an issue to you living your best, most peaceful, and fulfilled life. Here we share 13 great free or affordable mental health resources everyone should know about. Check it out, and then share this potentially lifesaving info with your others!




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