5 Signs You Are A Fresa and Why You Should Be Proud of It

Check out the traits of the real fresa and why we should all be a little bit of one


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Osea being a fresa no es solo un look, it’s a lifestyle! A fresa is a way of being – it’s someone who knows who they are, is bold, confident, and loves to let the world know it. If you are wondering whether you’ve ever met a fresa, then you definitely have not.

What does fresa mean, anyways?

The term originally originated from Mexico but since has been used in other Latin American countries and the U.S. Not only has the term spread to other countries throughout the years, the definition of being a fresa has shifted and transformed as well. Traditionally the term was used by teenagers to describe educated and high-class families. As society evolved the term became more about a way of being rather than your social economic status. Being a fresa became a way to express yourself and represented the American culture of being preppy. Today, being a fresa is about your style, lingo, intelligence, and above everything else, your confidence! So if you are wondering if you are a fresa or if being a fresa sounds like something you want to be, you’re going to want to read the below…

Your fashion looks are always a statement

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Traditionally fresas dressed preppy. But today’s fresas know they don’t need to be put in a box. What matters most is that they are true to themselves and aren’t afraid to be bold about it. Whether you are wearing the latest Y2K fashion or rocking out your favorite grunge look, you have to wear it proudly and never hold back from making heads turn when you enter a room. From day to night, you always wear that outfit that makes you feel like your highest self. Whether it’s a blazer and edgy docs in the morning or cool shades, leather pants, and a Wendy’s® Strawberry Frosty at night, your looks are always a statement. 

Your confidence is beaming

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Not only is a fresa confident, they also have secure self-esteem. The difference between confidence and self-esteem is that confidence is having faith in who you are and self-esteem is liking who you are. Ultimately, it’s about loving every part of yourself. 

You’re intelligent!

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While it is assumed by some that a fresa is superficial and unintelligent, history tells us otherwise. When the term was first coined, it stood for educated and socially known people. And while the perception of fresas changed, their intelligence never did. Fresas show us that we can be pretty in pink and still earn a law degree. 

So whether you’re watching the latest theatrical show, visiting your favorite museum, or reading a book and enjoying a late-night Wendy’s Strawberry Frosty, there’s no doubt you’re a genius…even if it’s not immediately apparent to everyone else.

Your smile is contagious

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Sometimes a fresa’s confident strut can make them seem like they are cold and guarded, but when you approach them, that is far from the truth. A fresa is always there for their friends and family. They care about the well-being of others, which is why a lot of fresas are humanitarians. They make sure to give back to the community with their time and/or resources, especially helping their little furry friends. 

You’re always on trend

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A wise movie character once said, “Frost yourself!”

To others, the term may not have made full sense, however, the fresas knew precisely what this meant. To be Frosty means to live a life of pleasure and luxury – to enjoy all that life has to offer and try all the latest trends, clubs, restaurants, hobbies, etc. Life is too short for a fresa not to have it all. So if a fresa wants to travel the world, splurge on that unique purse, or indulge on a Strawberry Frosty from Wendy’s at 11 pm, then best believe they’re going to it.

So whether you are already a fresa or now inspired to be a fresa, remember to own it and do it in style! Being a fresa allows us to be our true selves and never apologize for who we are. Very little can match our charisma and sweetness. The only thing that comes close is a Strawberry Frosty from Wendy’s! On your next night out, stop by Wendy’s for your late-night cravings and order a Strawberry Frosty for the fresa in you! And while you’re on your way there, here are some fresa affirmations you can say to yourself out loud:

I am confident
I am secure in my self-esteem
I make heads turn when I enter a room
I am intelligent and unique
I am stunning
I am fabulous and one of a kind

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