Mexican Director Paloma Baeza Is Working on a Frida Kahlo Animated Film

It’s been 17 years since audiences saw the life of Frida Kahlo on the big screen

Photo: Unsplash/@veroniki

Photo: Unsplash/@veroniki

It’s been 17 years since audiences saw the life of Frida Kahlo on the big screen. We’re still obsessed with how actress Salma Hayek brilliantly portrayed the Mexican artist and icon. Now, audiences will experience Kahlo in a whole new way. Variety is reporting that Mexican director Paloma Baeza is tapped to present an animated movie about Kahlo. There aren’t any details about the project out yet and we also don’t know what the plotline will be, but the publication reports that the film will be “2D animation with some live-action elements.”

“Frida Kahlo approached life with such vibrant energy, and was ahead of her time in many ways,” Baeza told Variety. “With my Mexican heritage, it is particularly meaningful to have this opportunity to explore her deep and complex personality, as well as her relationship with Mexico’s past and its future. Lupus Films have a reputation as a highly respected artisanal animation studio, so this project couldn’t be in better hands.”

We love knowing that the director has so much confidence in the producers; we just hope this film lives up to the art and beauty that Kahlo’s legacy has left behind. Since the movie will be animated, the artistic integrity of the movie will be highly scrutinized and has to behold some of the aesthetic that Kahlo used in her work. One of the reasons why Hayek’s Frida worked so well is because director Julie Taymor brought Kahlo’s art to life.

From the looks of Baeza’s previous work, including the film Poles Apart, we think the new Kahlo film will be reminiscent to the styles of Michel Gondry who’s directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep, among others.

The real question is, does this film have the approval of Kahlo’s estate? We know two Kahlo estates have some rights to her name, we’re just wondering who approved the making of this film. We are, however, still very much looking forward to this new film, are you?

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