Frida Kahlo’s Artwork Displayed at Salvador Dali Museum

The current exhibition in St

Largest Frida Kahlo Exhibit in 40 Years Happening in Chicago Next Year

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The current exhibition in St. Petersburg, Florida discloses the provocative life of one of the most prominent artists worldwide

Sixty creations, fifteen of which are original paintings, an exclusive selection of drawings and at least forty-five photographs of the private collection, display the importance of Frida Kahlo’s creations not only in the arts but also among popular culture.  Through plastic arts, her artwork defines an exemplary illustration and expression of personal identity.

There is an evident resemblance in the artwork of both, Kahlo and Dali. Blossoming from their canvas are firm connections to their dreams and to loved ones, or those for whom they had a strong desire, a correlation to metaphysics, as well as a clear manifestation of passion.

It’s essential to mention that both artists showcased their identity, making it a protagonist and thus, an emblematic element in their artwork.

During a news conference, Dr. Hine, the exhibition curator, said: “In addition to art, Dali as well as Frida, had other interests. In the case of Kahlo, her interests included, but were not limited to the Mexican culture, global politics, feminism, gardening, and fashion.

When expressing painful situations, Kahlo would convey personify emotions shaped by misery and rendition, and present in the human condition, as if she were saying to all of us: this is my life, despite the cruelty of my destiny, I will triumph.

This special artwork exhibition will be narrated by Susan Sarandon, and will be complemented by a Salvador Dali exhibition titled “Dali’s Dreams”, which showcases a 17-foot-tall steel sculpture of a giant mustache, created by sculptor Donald Gialenella.

The series of events will be accompanied by a film festival whose movies involve directors Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, and Luis Buñuel.

The Frida Kahlo exhibition will continue to be displayed at the Dali Museum until April 17, 2017.

Pedro Lázaro is a fashion connoisseur With 25 years’ experience in the fashion and media field.

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