5 Reasons Why You Need to Finally Start Using a Gemstone Roller

A few weeks ago, it seemed like everyone was busy making themselves look older with the FaceApp old filter

Photo: Unsplash/@contentpixie

Photo: Unsplash/@contentpixie

A few weeks ago, it seemed like everyone was busy making themselves look older with the FaceApp old filter. I don’t know about you but I’m not OD-ing on expensive skincare products and going through a ten-step routine every day and night to look like Mrs. Doubtfire. Heck, I’m still introducing new steps into my routine. 

One night in New York City, my good friend, Lorena Morena, introduced me to the jade roller. She said that it was basically a facial massage that decreased the appearance of wrinkles. So being the skincare obsesionado that I am, I did some research on the jade roller and immediately bought one when I got back to L.A. I used the gemstone roller for a week and two things happened. First, I immediately noticed the puffiness go down. I also realized that my skin started to look significantly smoother. But those are just some of the many benefits that come with using a gemstone roller. Here’s everything you need to know about it!


What Is a Gem Stone Roller?

The jade roller — known as Yushi gunlun in Chinese — is a small handheld wand made of jade stone used to massage the face and undereye area. It is said to have been created in Ancient China during the Qing Dynasty and is known as the “Stone of Heaven” that kept a woman’s skin beautiful and ageless. But why the jade stone? Because it has natural cooling properties that aid with muscle relief through massage. It also assists with lymphatic drainage, releasing toxic building in the skin and helping with depuffing, thus resulting in tighter, brighter skin. Gemstone rollers are also available in rose quartz and amethyst these days. 


Reduce Puffiness

Our lymphatic system is constantly working hard to collect toxins and remove them through our body’s waste systems. According to experts, stimulating the lymphatic system actually cleanses the body of stagnant waste products, pathogens, and debris at a cellular level. This helps reduce inflammation and puffiness of the skin. Goodbye toxins and waste, hello J.Lo complexion!


Increases Blood Flow, Collagen Production, and Skin Elasticity

There is a lot of tension stored in our facial muscles. This causes wrinkles and fine lines, especially around our forehead and eyes. Rolling the jade roller across your skin stimulates blood circulation and increases the elasticity and collagen in your skin, which helps to iron out these kinks (so much cheaper than botox). A great bonus is that jade rollers help in reducing common flair ups and headaches. The tool allows for deep pressure that relieves muscles tension in the face.


Makes Your Beauty Products Work Better

In addition to reducing puffiness and improving your circulation, jade rollers allow your skincare products to work better. Using the gemstone roller after applying your skincare products ensures maximum absorption and keeps your fingers from pulling at the gentle skin around your eyes as the product gets worked in.


How to Use a Gemstone Roller


Okay, so let’s outline a routine. It’s very simple, so don’t try to talk yourself out of it every day. You can do the following both in the morning and at night. Getting the rolling technique right is important when it comes to reaping all the jade roller’s benefits (your roller should come with instructions).

The tool generally has one large stone for the cheeks, jaw, and forehead, and a smaller stone for under your eyes and around the mouth. Start with gentle pressure at the center of your face under your eyes and move out towards the hairline. Continue to move down the face, always starting at the center of the face (i.e. the nose or chin) and move outward.

For the forehead, start at your eyebrows and move upward towards your hairline. Finish by rolling down the sides of the neck towards the center of the clavicle. Rolling down the neck is important because it helps send all the toxins that are built up in your face down towards the center of your body where they can be detoxified and processed.

The highly suggest leaving your jade roller in the fridge or freezer about ten minutes before using it. Some people even like using it over a sheet mask. Now go forth, and get that glowing skin. 

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