27 Latin Holiday Songs We Are Rocking Nonstop This Season

Ah, Christmas— time to get the family together, celebrate, eat, drink, and be merry

Photo: Unsplash/@mariahashby

Photo: Unsplash/@mariahashby

Ah, Christmas— time to get the family together, celebrate, eat, drink, and be merry. If you’re Latina, no doubt part of that merriment definitely comes from a great, festive soundtrack. Luckily for you, we found some of the most classic, Latin holiday songs and made a playlist that you can rock during the holidays. Each song has its own video you can watch below but hit up our Spotify playlist to play these canciones on repeat! Happy holidays!

“All I Want for Christmas is You,” Mariah Carey

“All I Want for Christmas is You” will forever be the Christmas songs of all Christmas songs. Mariah created a modern, catchy tune that most everyone knows the words to.

“Mi Burrito Sabanero,” Juanes

Juanes gave a touch of cool to the classic Venezuelan Navidad song, “El Burrito Sabanero,” a.k.a. “El Burrito de Belén.” The song was written by Hugo Blanco in 1975.

“Feliz Navidad,” Jose Feliciano

It’s just not Christmas without hearing “Feliz Navidad” 100,000 times. The song, which was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, has been covered by a variety of artists including Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, and Chicago.

“Parranda Navideña,” Trullo Express


“Parranda Navideña” speaks to a fun Puerto Rican Christmas tradition. Parrandas, also known as trullas Navideñas, involve groups of friends, who go from house to house, singing and playing instruments.

“La Murga,” Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe

You know a song is going to be good when Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe are on it. “La Murga/La Murga de Panama” is a song about the musical theatre that occurs during Carnival festivities.

“Santa Claus Llego a la Ciudad,” Luis Miguel

“El Sol de Mexico” put his old-school swag on the Christmas song, “Santa Claus Llego a la Cuidad.” It is the Spanish-language version of the classic “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

“Bella es La Navidad,” Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz

You have to have salsa songs on any Latino Christmas playlist. Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz’s “Bella es La Navidad” will get you moving in the living room with the rest of the fam. It’s part of the duo’s 1967  En Fiesta Navideña album.

“Campanas de Navidad” (“Jingle Bells”), Celia Cruz

If you love “Jingle Bells,” you’ll love “Campanas de Navidad.” Celia Cruz and La Sonora Mantacera take the same melody and add some sazón Cubano.

“Mi Regalo Favorito,” Prince Royce

Prince Royce got romantic on the sweet tune “Mi Regalo Favorito.” The song is a love letter, letting his lady know that she is his favorite gift.

“Los Peces en el Rio,” Pandora


“Lo Peces en el Rio” is a classic Christmas song that all lots of kids learn across Latin America. This version is sung by Mexican all-girl group Pandora.

“Me Gusta Las Navidades,” Gilberto Santa Rosa


After stuffing your face with all that yummy Navidad food, shake what your mama gave you to this holiday song by Gilberto Santa Rosa. The Puertorriqueño sings about his love of Christmas.

“Esta Navidad,” Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi has her share of canciones locas (which we love), but this one is one of her more tender songs. “Este Navidad” is about waiting for a love to return for Christmas.

“La Navidad de los Pobres,” Los Nigres del Norte

Los Tigres del Norte are legends, and their Christmas song, “La Navidad de los Pobres” is a classic. The song, from the 1994 holiday album by the same name, talks about how a poor Christmas is the most beautiful, since God is with the poor.

“La Fiesta de Pilito,” El Gran Combo

Did we mention that it’s not a Christmas party without salsa music? El Gran Combo’s 1985 song reminds us that Christmas is the perfect time to forget your worries! Just party, eat lechon and drink rum.

“El Niño del Tambor,” Tatiana

“El Niño del Tambor” is the Spanish version of “Little Drummer Boy.” This version is sung by Chicano singer Tatiana, who has recorded several children’s albums.

“Noche de Paz,” Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli will take a song, and with his incredible operatic voice, make it his. His version of “Noche de Paz” is beautiful.

“Aires de Navidad,” N’Klabe

“Aires de Navidad” is a holiday salsa song, originally released by Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe in 1971. The group N’Klabe, also Puerto Rican, released their own version in 2011.

“Dejalo ‘Pa Enero,” Johnny Ventura Ft. Milly Quezada

Dominicano Johnny Ventura is a legend. His merengue holiday jam “Dejalo Pa’ Enero” features the also-legendary Dominicana Milly Quezada.

“Cantares de Navidad,” Las Billos Caracas Boys


“Cantares de Navidad” is a Christmas song by Venezuelan orchestra Las Billos Caracas Boys. This vintage jam was released in 1965.

“Last Christmas (Bachata Version),” Rodrigo Arce

Wham’s “Last Christmas” gets the bachata treatment with Rodrigo Arce’s cover. It’s just as catchy as the original!

“Christmas Through Your Eyes,” Gloria Estefan


We all know Gloria Estefan’s voice, and it’s a welcome addition to any Latino gathering. But, instead of turning up to her more uptempo jams, we are recommending this soft, soothing Christmas ballad entitled “Christmas in Your Eyes” (from the Navidad album of the same name).

“Lechon, Lechon, Lechon,” Victor Manuelle


From the 2007 album “Una Navidad a Mi Estilo” comes the Victor Manuelle holiday tune “Lechon, Lechon, Lechon.” Who knew that a song about Christmas food could be so awesome?!

“Deck the Halls,” Cuba L.A.

We’ve never wanted to dance to the Christmas classic “Deck the Halls”–until now. Cuba L.A. added Afro-Cuban sounds to the song, giving it a completely new spin.

“Dame La Mano Paloma,” Aventura

Cue the fangirl screams. In 2008, Romeo Santos-led Aventura melted hearts with their bachata version of the romantic Christmas song, “Dame la Mano Paloma.”

“Ven a Mi Casa Esta Navidad,” Luis Aguile

“Ven a Mi Casa Esta Navidad” is the 1969 song of Argentino Luis Aguile. The warm classic about togetherness has been covered several times over the years.

“Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad,” Michael Buble and Thalia

Michael Buble is known for his covers of Christmas songs. For a special portion of his Christmas special, he brought out Mexican megastar Thalia to duet with him on “Mis Deseos” and “Feliz Navidad.”

“Pancho Claus,” Lalo Guerrero

“Pancho Claus” is Santa’s Mexican cousin. The classic Spanglish Chicano song, by Lalo Guerrero, is just like the Chicano culture itself–a blend of both Mexican and American cultures.

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