Does Gina Rodriguez Have a Problem with Black Women?

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Gina Rodriguez has a problem with Black women. It first came into play a few years back when she posted a photo of Latinas in Hollywood that had been invited to a brunch in her home and there was basically no Afro-Latina representation. The hashtag brainstormed by Rosario Dawson (ironically the ONLY Afro-Latina in attendance) #FiercelyLatina began to trend and people were feeling the concept of solidarity and support, but not the complete lack of diversity represented. It was just the beginning of what has become a pretty steady stream of criticism for the Puerto Rican actress.

Gina is trying to shine a light on representation for Latinas in Hollywood and wants to use her platform to get important things done for our community. But it just seems like she doesn’t understand how deep the erasure of Blackness across Latin America runs, or worse, doesn’t care. Does this mean she is racist? Absolutely not. But she is wading in the same shallow pools of ignorance so many in the Latino community do when they claim they “don’t see color” and that there is no racism in Latin America. We know she can do better. Here is how.

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