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Gina Rodriguez Is Voicing Netflix’s ‘Carmen Sandiego’ and Fans Are Thrilled

The ever-talented Gina Rodriguez has signed on to voice Carmen Sandiego in Netflix’s upcoming animated reboot. The Jane the Virgin star will undoubtedly lend her sass to the elusive thief, who was known for traveling around the world stealing various treasures – while also teaching kids geography lessons.

Netflix’s adaptation will give us more of an intimate look at the iconic character as it highlights more about Sandiego’s past; who she is and how she came to be a burglar. Netflix has ordered 20 22-minute episodes, which will premiere in 2019.

Rodriguez teased the news days ago on her Twitter account after a fan asked her if the Carmen Sandiego rumors were true.


And after telling her followers to “call me Carmen” on Tuesday (April 18), fans erupted with excitement. 


Rita Moreno previously voiced Carmen Sandiego, so a cameo by the star would be legendary.

We haven’t even seen a trailer and we can already tell it’s going to be iconic.

It’s like we all get a chance to relive our childhoods.

I mean, we’d be hyped to see a live action movie as well. #justsaying

YES! As always, our girl Gina keeps slaying!