Which Halloween Candy Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Unite all brujitas, candy lovers and Halloween enthusiasts for October has finally arrived! Known for its spooky reputation, this month is a time filled with festivities such as trick or treating, and honoring our ancestors

Halloween candy Zodiac sign

Unite all brujitas, candy lovers and Halloween enthusiasts for October has finally arrived! Known for its spooky reputation, this month is a time filled with festivities such as trick or treating, and honoring our ancestors. October holds a sweet spot in our hearts thanks to the nostalgia, cultura, and guaranteed feast of dulce. No matter our differences, dislikes and unique attributions as Latinx, we’ve come to know that we are not a monolith. We are varied in characteristics, complexities, and strengths just like our favorite candies. Candy, much like comida, brings us together. Thanks to the estrellas, astrology similarly brings us together in solidarity and assists us with understanding what makes us so special.

Halloween is a time to explore new future favorite candies and a moment where we can self-indulge in some sugar based self-care rituals. Read on for your next favorite Barcel candy this Halloween! Let us know which you prefer between our suggested candy choice for your Sun sign vs. your Rising sign.


Libra – Vero Manita de la Suerte Strawberry Lollipop

Libra - zodiac candy Anything pink and pretty you’re all for it. Keep it sweet and sensual, because Venus as your ruling planet is here for the beauty aesthetics. Libras can’t go wrong with strawberry based lollipops. With your fashion sense, we wouldn’t be surprised to see you turn this Manita de la Suerte into a functioning accessory to your wardrobe or costume.


Scorpio – Bloody Brush Strawberry Lollipop

Halloween is your time to shine, Scorpio. You prefer the morbid and the spooky scene. Ghosts, Witches and Vampires are practically your amigas of choice. Hence, the Bloody Brush Lollipop. Your taste isn’t for the faint of heart and you’re here for the shock and awe.


Sagittarius – Vero Mango and Chili Lollipop

Moments with you are never dull and far from boring. Hanging out with you Sag, is mostly savory and rewarding. Just like Mango and Chili, you know how to keep us coming back for more. Likely a fan favorite in everyone’s candy bag, this lollipop is an instant success. Much like you!


Capricorn – Vero Rellerindo Tamarindo and Chili

As an Earth sign, you integrate soft and subtle notes of personality, because it takes you a minute to warm up to others. Just like this mouthwatering combination of tamarindo and chili, you’ll discover a nice progression towards spice. The kicker with you, Cap, is you know how to spice up situations as soon as folks think they have you figured out. Keeping it interesting just like this tamarindo dulce.


Aquarius – Ricofiesta Candy Bag

With you, we couldn’t choose one. Aquarius, you’re a reminder to enjoy variety. As a sign that doesn’t like restrictions and prides itself in unpredictability, you need more than one option. Nicofiesta candy bag provides you with all your favorites keeping you invested. As an Air sign, you’re known to lose interest, rapido. Enjoy!


Pisces – Paletón Marshmallow Lollipop

You’re the ruler of dreams and the visionary of the Zodiac. Like marshmallows, you’re easygoing and hate resistance. Your soft nature is pleasing to all you meet and like Paletón, hardly anyone can resist your sweet temperament. Plus, the least amount of effort is your mantra. Anything hard, turns you off, like hard candies. Take the smooth route this Halloween.


Aries – Ricolino Bubulubu

Known for your bravery, you don’t shy away from the equally confrontational in-your-face matters in life. Bubulubu isn’t your typical candy. It’s intricate and flavorful with notes of red. As the Ram of the Zodiac, red is your power color. There are many layers to you, Aries. Once we can get past your hard exterior there’s a sweet person behind it all. Beginning with the chocolate covered shell working your way down to a marshmallow center, you’re worth the journey just like Bubulubu.


Taurus – Bocadin Peanut Wafer Bar

Wafer bars can be messy, but that’s because they’re fragile masterpieces like you. You’re known for your rich taste. The peanut flavor bites from Bocadin are guaranteed to bring decadence joy to your pampered taste buds. We’ve never met a Taurus that doesn’t enjoy food. Your supreme palette makes you memorable just like the lasting impression Bocadin leaves in our mouths.


Gemini – Duvalin Hazelnut and Strawberry

Known as the Twins in the Zodiac, you thrive in duality. You can have more than one side to you and that’s what makes you effervescent. You have a knack for merging opposites into satisfactory results. With two options of Hazelnut and Strawberry from Duvalin, you might say you’ve finally found your match. Keep it interesting and tasteful with Duvalin.


Cancer – Kranky

Your Astrological animal is the crab, Cancer. Sometimes you can literally be a bit cranky. That’s because you’re a Water sign in the Zodiac that needs to recharge, rest and protect your space from becoming easily overwhelmed. Kranky chocolate corn flake bars give you that boost of crunch to get you through the day. Bite into comfort as you nurture yourself back to optimism. Chocolate will never do you wrong.


Leo – Paleta Payaso

Hear us out, Leos. No shade, but you’re great at entertaining. Known for naturally being the center of attention in all matters, the Payaso Paleta is your spirit animal — in this case candy twin. Leos rule the 5th house of children and the inner child. What better nostalgia than to reconnect with this childhood favorite?

Virgo – Elote Lollipop

Elote translates to corn. We all know corn is harvested from crops. Hence the logic behind this choice. Virgo, you’re the Zodiac that creates harvest and literally rules farm crops. Get down with some elote lollipop as a modern way of reconnecting with the energy of plants. Corn was a representation of abundance to many of our ancestors. Like Aztec deity Centeotl, which was associated with corn, you too are a fountain of fertility and extension of the Earth Goddess.

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