Best Spiritual Practices for Your Zodiac Sign

No matter the time of year, spiritual practices can be extremely helpful as we seek a continuous approach to cultivate a balanced vida — or as best as possible! Life as we all know it, will always offer up its challenges and opportunities

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No matter the time of year, spiritual practices can be extremely helpful as we seek a continuous approach to cultivate a balanced vida — or as best as possible! Life as we all know it, will always offer up its challenges and opportunities. However, a personal spiritual practice can be helpful for one’s overall wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Astrology, such as your personal zodiac sign, works in tandem with spirituality. One might even view Astrology as an extension of their spiritual beliefs and its encompassing philosophy. Understanding your Zodiac sign and the best spiritual practices for yours, as we’ll cover in this article, will help you better grasp how you operate through your Astrological wiring. These practical recommendations will assist you with feeling energized and help you feel your best reliant on your accountability methods.

Read on for an integrative spiritual approach that is inclusive of your Zodiac sign. Read by your sun sign or rising sign as this gives you optimal insight into merging your Zodiac traits with a practical spiritual practice. These are friendly spiritual practices you can begin to implement no matter where you’re at in your spiritual journey.



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You are some of the most energetic people out of the Zodiac, Aries. You’re natural athletes at heart. This is why physical movement is crucial for you. You are at your best when you feel connected to your body. You don’t have to overdo it with extreme sports or high intensity workouts. Reconnect with your body in mindful practices like dancing techniques, massage therapy or hiking. Avoid any activities that can induce head trauma, basically anything that requires a helmet, because your skull is more sensitive than the rest of your Astrology counterparts being that Aries rules the cranium. Your body is your vessel.



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Working with scents such as essential oils, incense burning, or working with perfumes is a natural way for you to feel at ease. Connecting with floral scents helps you ground your energy and feel inspired, Taurus. You connect deeply with Mother Earth and her beauty. Taking time to admire flowers as a weekly offering for yourself on your altar is a great way to practice self-care and foster more self-love. You need to feel with your senses in order to really connect with experiences, Taurus. Do anything that invokes harmonious pleasure from the five senses to practice more mindfulness.



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Most folks may not know that you’re an anxiety prone sign. You have a delicate nervous system than most of the Zodiac. Affirmations that remind you how to come back to the present moment are helpful ways of letting you navigate away from the future and return to reality. You’re always thinking up genius ideas, Gemini. However, you live in your head, a lot. Creating one or several affirmations that remind you of what you’re in control of can be valuable for you. Start off by creating active and present tense affirmations such as: “I am aware that I am only responsible for myself” or “I am fully present with myself and those around me. This is a great way to ground your energy.”



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Cancer, you’re such giving people. You give because it’s something you genuinely enjoy doing. You highly dislike seeing others struggle, but that could result in a tendency to put yourself last. We want you to continue spreading the love, but to also remember to put your needs first. As empaths, you’re great at feelings, but could definitely strengthen your communication skills. Building a list of things you need from yourself to feel more nurtured is something you can do monthly or quarterly to reaffirm self-care. A secondary list that describes characteristics you need from your interpersonal relationships in order to feel they’re healthy and safe would be another method to remind yourself that you’re worthy of quality people in your life. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and flex that throat chakra!


Inner child play

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We love your big personality and vibrant spirit, Leo. You are a ray of sunshine and we are here for it. You have an inner child that inspires you daily and likely unconsciously. Reconnecting with your inner child would be easier for you than most other Zodiac signs. You truly are a big kid at heart. However, when was the last time you talked to your inner child? A spiritual practice that incorporates some of your favorite hobbies as your younger self would be healing and wholesome. Write out the activities that brought you joy as a little kid. See which of those activities you can begin introducing on weekends or monthly basis as you dedicate space for your inner child moving forward.


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You might not feel you’re the most creative and that’s because you’re not the traditional artist, Virgo. Your creativity lies in your ability to see things from a higher perspective. You’re wonderful at finding what others miss. Use this insight as a way to think up new creative solutions. You’re a fabulous brainstorming partner and writing is a gift of yours. Keeping a diary where you log your “craziest” of ideas can be helpful later down the road. These crazy ideas can be your next big breakthrough. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone by writing poetry or haikus. Allow writing to be a way of decompressing and cleansing your aura. Write to keep the worries away.


Walk in nature

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You have an eye for colors and textures, Libra. Maybe you’re wonderful at styling your wardrobe or great at design. Your ability to create beauty is second nature to you. Go out in nature and admire the ancient sacred geometry in plants for inspiration. Finding time to see the beauty in the simplicity helps you feel connected to something greater. Nature based activities will help you plant the seeds to get your ideas going. Use Mother Earth’s canvas to give you insight into the world around you. This is a great way to practice grounding your energy especially as an Air sign who tends to multitask many obligations. Slow down and root yourself.


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You’re full of depth Scorpio and you need life to be just as deep. Child’s play doesn’t interest you because your investigative mind prefers introspective intimacy. Meditation and exercise that allow you to open your third eye will intrigue you. As a sign that is naturally gifted in clairvoyant abilities, consider developing a meditation practice to help you navigate the waters of your mind and realms of the ethereal. Meditation will help you to answer the deeper questions in life that you naturally seek. Use meditation with water specifically for a non-traditional spiritual practice. You can meditate in your shower or by a body of water, which you’ll likely find to be appealing.



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You’re a big idea kind of person. Blog it out, talk it out, write it out, but honestly, don’t feel silly no matter how out there your ideas might be. Sag, you’re a visionary and we find inspiration through you. Sometimes you just need a safe space to let out what you hold in. Granted, you don’t mind talking because you have the gift of the gab, but you have a lot of ideas you’re channeling on a daily basis. This is where therapy or group spaces can be helpful for you to release any pent up energy. Find a trusted support group where you can express your thoughts. That stigma that going to therapy means there’s something wrong with you is rooted in toxic machismo Latinx culture. Do you!


Road Trip

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Taking time for you. It’s that simple, Cap. You’re known as the workaholics in the Zodiac crew. This can equate to you spending more time building out your career than doing the things that actually bring you happiness. Traveling is something you desire, yet don’t have the chance to do often due to your dedication toward responsibilities. Commit to balancing your work and personal life. It’s time to plan short trips or big trips, either way, take a dream trip! Traveling helps bring you ease and calms your mind. A local getaway or simple girl’s trip can be the key to healing burnout.



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You’re not needy, but you need attention from those you love the most. Aqua, everyone thinks you have it all together because that’s the impression you give. However, deep inside you yearn for folks to reach out and connect with you because you’re truly a social person. You’re wired to thrive in social settings and among a variety of social groups for that matter. Finding an online community would be beneficial. It’s a way for you to feel interconnected and meet a variety of personalities. You enjoy diverse experiences and love to help others out along the way. Find an online community or build your own! Feeling connected to others helps you feel more connected to yourself. Joining a digital book club or online writing circle could be your new hobby! You just need to connect with others.


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You’re more of a behind-the-scenes type of person, Pisces. You’re not an attention seeker and you love to chill at home. You prefer low-key, low maintenance functions. You’re naturally a spiritual sign and probably the most spiritual out of the whole Zodiac. You can be a powerful leader because you have the emotional intelligence and spiritual capacity. Your innate teaching abilities is what attracts others to you. Try teaching others what you know. Mentoring is a great way for you to feel like you’re giving back because you are a person who seeks to be of service to others. Share your affinity for crystals or guide others in a meditation led by you. Stepping into your alpha energy is healing for you. This will help you see yourself in a different light. Allow yourself to take the lead and heal the leader within you.

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