The Amazing Healing Health Benefits of 30 Fruits and Vegetables

Photo: Pexels

Take a moment to look in your kitchen cabinets and/or pantry. How many food items come in boxes or bags? While prepackaged foods are convenient, fast, and easy, they often contain all kinds of random, toxic chemicals. No matter which health specialists you speak to, most all of them will say the healthiest diet is one that is mostly plant-based. Now, look at your fridge and pantry again. How many whole fruits and vegetables are in there?

Think about what our ancestors ate. Would they recognize some of the brands or items that you regularly eat and feed to your family? Chances are, they wouldn’t. No shade at all, but it is advised that you should avoid foods that your ancestors wouldn’t recognize as food. This leaves fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet (along with nuts, grains, etc.). We have been taught since a young age that these foods are good for us, but a lot of us don’t eat enough fruits and veggies, or any at all. Or, we get fruit and veggie-flavored items such as juices, which are also overloaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. There are so many reasons to eat whole fruits and vegetables, but do know what any of those benefits actually are?

We are going to take a look at 30 of the healthiest fruits and vegetables on the market, and explain exactly why you should be eating them, and often! There are so many incredible health benefits just in one fruit or veggie, that it’s hard to believe how powerful these foods really are. Once you realize that a lot of your health issues can be aided with these natural foods, and that your overall well-being will really benefit from them, you will happily reach for that apple, or that floret of broccoli. Note: some fruits and vegetables, like pomegranate and cauliflower, can interact with medicines, so check with your doctor before overloading on any new food!




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