HipLatina Style: Rad El Salvador Gear and Where to Get It

It may be hard to find cool clothing that reps for El Salvador

Photo: Etsy/@mimster.shop

Photo: Etsy/@mimster.shop

It may be hard to find cool clothing that reps for El Salvador. Luckily, this week’s HipLatina Style showcases several items (all available on Etsy) that would make any Salvatrucha proud.

Kliche Netflix and Leche Poleada T-Shirt, $15

Photo: Kliche Textiles Y Mas/Etsy

You know Netflix and chill. But have you gotten on that Netflix and leche poleada hype? Leche poleada is the Salvadorean vanilla custard dessert that just makes staying in better. Kliche Textiles Y Mas knows what’s up.


Mimster Pupusas Por Vida Pin, $9

Designed by a Salvadoreña, this supercute pupusas pin by Mimster is just saying what we all feel it’s ooey gooey goodness. Pupusas por vida!


Amazingly Shop El Salvador Es Mi Pais Hoodie, $35.90

Photo: Amazingly Shop/Etsy

Comfy T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, emblazoned with flags, sayings, and pop culture moments are the easiest way to rep your country. This hoodie, by Amazingly Shop, features the coat of arms of El Salvador, and comes in an array of colors.


Basmati Bags Upcycled Messenger Bag No. 7, $130.90

Photo: Basmati Bags/Etsy

This messenger bag, made from upcycled coffee bean burlap, goes beyond the typical coffee bag tote. Added bonus? Every Basmati Bags purchase raises funds for non-profits.


Bio Arte Mariposas Real Butterfly Wing Earrings, $25

Photo: Bio Arte Mariposas/Etsy

Sometimes you want something that represents the motherland, that isn’t obvious. These beautiful earrings are made from the wings of butterflies (which died of natural causes) bred in a sanctuary in El Salvador. The money you spend on these earrings help protect their land, and preserve a sanctuary for them and many more animals and trees in El Salvador.


El Salvador Dad Hat, $14.99

Photo: REALEST/Etsy

Dad hats are in. This one, by REALEST, let’s you rep both the ’90s, and El Salvador, in one fell swoop.


Vintage Embroidered El Salvador Dress, $26.95

Photo: jdbok/Etsy

This easy breezy dress, in the summery shade of salmon, features embroidery that speaks to the El Salvador experience. Jdbok, on Etsy, sells this vintage find.

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