Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 15 Gifts for the Free-Spirited and Eccentric Aquarius

If there’s any sign on the zodiac that dances to the beat of their own drum, it’s an Aquarius for sure

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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If there’s any sign on the zodiac that dances to the beat of their own drum, it’s an Aquarius for sure. Not one for going with the flow (they are an air sign after all), Aquarians are the type to make their mind up and stick to it no matter what others might say.

Born between January 21st and February 19th, an Aquarius is analytical, objective, clever, independent, original, eccentric, humanitarian, and well, if you want them to show you any emotion, please think again. In a nutshell, Aquarians are movers and shakers. They’re unconventional and don’t need anyone’s approval to go out and get sh*t done.

Some famous Aquarians include Brandy, Oprah Winfrey, Shakira, Wilder Valderrama, Jennifer Aniston, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Christina Ricci.

While an Aquarius might be difficult to connect with or understand, we’ve got you covered and we’ve curated a special list for you to gift the free-spirited Aquarius in your life just what they need. These 15 gifts are for sure to crack a smile from the hard-shelled Aquarius in your life.


For the Aquarius who’s unbothered AF

Aquarians, stand up! If anyone on the zodiac is cabrona AND unbothered, that’s an Aquarius for sure. And Jen Zeano Designs has the perfect cute t-shirt to help the Aquarius in your life express themselves.


For the adventurous Aquarius in your life

For the adventurous Aquarius in your life who’s always itching to catch the next flight to someplace new, then get them a scratch-off map of the world so they can keep track of every place they’ve visited. They’re not free-spirited for no reason.


For the free-spirited Aquarius in your life

An Aquarius needs this Road Opener Magic Candle from the Latinx-owned House of Intuition. The candle “clears the path to your highest good. When traveling, embarking on a new project or pursuing a lifelong dream, Road Opener can reveal the simplest way to your destination. Great for protection on long trips and especially road trips.”wp_*posts

For the Aquarius who’s not here for the bad vibras

Aquarians can be closed off and shy but it’s not for no reason. An Aquarius simply just want bad vibes and bad energy around them, so what’s the perfect gift for that? This beautiful evil eye bracelet by Michael Lemus.


For the Aquarius who’s always on the go

For the adventurous Aquarius in your life, be sure to help them prepare in style. Plus you’ll be supporting a Latinx-owned brand Utz Threads which partners with entrepreneurial artisan women in Guatemala.


For the artsy Aquarius in your life

While they can be quite closed off and shy and seem like they have a hard exterior, an Aquarius still has emotions underneath all of that. One thing Aquarians love to do is to surround themselves with their friends, so get the Aquarius in your life a cute polaroid camera so they can cherish the memories y’all spend together for life.


For the creative Aquarius in your life

And after they’re done taking all those pictures, let the Aquarius in your life get a little artsy with this one-of-a-kind photo frame.


Crystals for the intuitive Aquarius in your life

If the Aquarius in your life is into crystals and crystal healing, then make sure to get them crystals that work best for the air sign. For example, in order to help and support their Aquarius energy, you can get them an amethyst, aquamarine, black onyx, emerald, garnet, among others.


Lingerie for the eccentric Aquarius in your life

Perfect for when the Aquarius in your life needs to get their self-care on.


Crystals the Aquarius in your life can wear on the go 

Remember Amethyst crystals are perfect for your favorite Aquarius? La Bruja Bohemia makes these gorgeous Amethyst Sol Earrings that will perfectly complement your favorite Aquarius.


A candle for the zen Aquarius 

To get the Aquarius in your life in the right mindset and to help them stay relaxed, get them this perfect zodiac candle from Tarjay. The scent has notes of florals, Freesia, rose, and cucumber.


For the Aquarius who likes to let people know they’re an Aquarius 

For the cute lil’ air sign in your life, get them this adorable bedazzled tank top from Dolls Kill HOROSCOPEZ Aquarius line.


For the Aquarius who loves a good scent

This Zodica Aquarius perfume available on Etsy is the perfect scent for the air sign in your life. According to the Etsy page, it was designed to “evoke a vibe unique to this astrological sign. Inspired by its element of Air and its season of Winter, this perfume is a light, citrusy green floral scent. Aquarius will appreciate the light fragrance notes that encourage her love of freedom and independence. The iciness of the season is mirrored in the cool citrus notes. Aquarius is known for her humanitarian heart and original thinking that challenges the status quo. A peppery note pays honor to her unexpected nature. All layers together evoke a vibe of sophisticated moxie.”


For the Aquarius who’d rather stay in and stay cozy

Cold winter nights mean bringing out these amazingly cozy hoodies out from Raggedy Tiff. The Aquarius in your life will thank you and love you for this special gift.


For the Aquarius with a lil’ sense of humor

Sugar and spice… and everything nice. Those are the ingredients for the PowerPuff Girls but not for an Aquarius. If you wanna’ make the Aquarius in your life laugh, then be sure to get them this awesome t-shirt from Etsy.

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