Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 15 Gifts for the Practical Taurus in Your Life

A Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by their stubbornness, perseverance, and practicality

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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A Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by their stubbornness, perseverance, and practicality. These are personality traits that may or may not be a good thing — it kind of depends on the context and what seems practical to them at the time. A Taurus on a mission is a thing to behold because they are never deterred from getting what they want. They are aligned with the symbol of the bull for a reason! Although we might never be able to break their focus once they set their mind to something, what we can do as gift-givers is appeal to their softer side. A Taurus loves to feel cozy and comforted. They love all things artsy, quirky, and beautiful. Luckily there are plenty of great gifts out there that can help them achieve just that. It might even take their intensity down a notch, but who knows. Here’s to hoping! And there are 15 gifts for the Taurean in your life.


Eva’s Garden Body Scrub

Give your Taurus friend the gift of moisture and smooth fresh looking skin. As the weather starts to get colder, dry and chapped skin is definitely a thing. Taurus loves to feel soft and good — so painful dry skin is definitely not in line with that. A good body scrub with soothing aromatic oils of lavender-vanilla or jasmine will relax them and smell great.

Eva’s Garden Body Scrub, $14,


Menos Mas Matcha Mint Mask

When you’re trying to create a comforting vibe it’s a good idea to start with your face. Although we all like to look good, Taurus would probably feel really good about Nextflix and chilling while at the same time nourishing their skin. This matcha mint mask would def appeal to their love of practicality and efficiency. It’s antiseptic, antioxidant, exfoliant, and astringent— not to mention it smells fresh.

Menos Mas Matcha Mint Mask, $52,


Majestic Bliss Vegan Soaps

For the Taurus that is spiritual and conscious about what goes on their bodies these smelly soaps would be a great gift. They’d actually be a great gift for anyone who is into holistic healing and aromatherapy. The cool thing is that these soaps are made with oils and materials that promote pranic healing. They’re very aromatic and there is one for every use, like oily skin of if you want to promote muscle relaxation.

Majestic Bliss Vegan Soaps, $3,


Oh Comadre Candles

A candle that smells like Zote, pan dulce or capirotada? Yes, please! This will give you all of those homegrown cozy vibes without any of the calories — or having to wash your clothes. While Taurus hunkers down in their sweats and fuzzy slippers these candles will give the ambiance of warm and fuzzy to go along with it.


So Sweet Candy Buffets

Honestly though who doesn’t want to much on sweet, sour, and spicy candy? A Taurus loves to eat and savor the best things in life. One of the best things in life is definitely the chili sour combo that has been perfected by So Sweet Candy Buffets. A small bag would make a great stocking stuffer while a big wheel of assorted gummies would be the perfect way to say “I love you, let’s share this candy.”

So Sweet Candy Buffets, $15, 


Moody Girl Candle Co.

Setting the mood and being comfortable is important to a Taurus. These Moody Girl Candles do just that. They have a wooden wick that crackles like a fireplace and they’re made with coconut wax so they burn longer and cleaner. They also come in a variety of scents that would set the seasonal tone, like apple cider and pumpkin spice.

Moody Girl Candle Co, $29,


Hija De Tu Madre Estrella Earrings

Looking cute is high on the list of what Taureans enjoy. They also take pleasure in owning beautiful items that are unique. These estrella earrings definitely fit the bill. They’re also a statement piece that can be worn with different outfits and occasions which Taurus will love because it’s so practical!

Hija De Tu Madre Estrella Earrings, $56, 


Vive Cosmetics Que Matte in La Patrona

This new shade of Vive Cosmetics matte liquid lipstick is super cute. It also has super staying beso proof power that will last all day. It’s also one of those colors that just goes with everything and every skin shade. Whoever your Taurus is, this lippy will be something that will last through all of their favorite activities like sleeping, relaxing, chilling, and also going out into the world.

Vive Cosmetics Que Matte in La Patrona, $20,


Pear Mama La Friducha Purple Flowers

For the Taurus with a love for eclectic and artsy things, art prints are always a good choice. And really though who doesn’t love a good Frida reinterpretation? These beautiful prints capture a whole different side of the woman who has been immortalized by pop culture. They’d look great in any room Taurus is trying to make into a chill spot.

Pear Mama La Friducha Purple Flowers, $22, 


For My Homegirls Loca Hoops

Although it’s kind of rude to call someone “loca,” it really depends on the context. These days locas all over the world are claiming it and wearing it as a badge of honor. Although a chilled out Taurus is usually pretty calm, don’t get them angry cuz that’s where the loca comes out. These hoops are the perfect way to say “you crazy, but I love you.”

For My Homegirls Loca Hoops, $42,


Crystals and Succulents Turquoise Copper Ring

The Zodiac sign of Taurus includes six stones: sapphire, amber, coral, emerald, rose quartz, and turquoise. The copper Turquoise combination is create for Taurus because they are both properties related to the attraction of love, money, good luck and courage. It’s no secret that Taureans tend to be concerned with money since the Earth sign in them desires security and financial stability.

Crystals and Succulents Turquoise Copper Ring, $37, 


Amor Eterno ‘Santos’ Gel Liner

This is just a super cute color that anyone who is into makeup would appreciate. Melt Cosmetics has a cult following and if you look at any of their collections you’ll see why. It’s a perfect gift for the Taurus that likes a good wing or likes to get creative with eyeliner. It’s also a color that would make the full eyelid pop.

Amor Eterno ‘Santos’ Gel Liner, $19,


Emilia Cruz ‘A Self Care Ritual’ Print

Talk about setting the mood. This artwork has the vibe of a glow-in-the-dark poster but with beautiful artistry and thought-provoking details. It’s also totally not a glow-in-the-dark poster it’s an oil painting, which is a beautiful framed print would make a thoughtful gift. A Taurus would appreciate the beauty.

Emilia Cruz ‘A Self Care Ritual’ Print, $23,


Loquita Bath + Body Chocolate de Loquita Bath Bomb

When it comes to pampering, your Taurus buddy might know a lil’ something about that. Nothing says calming and relaxation like a bubble bath and a luxurious bath bomb that smells like Mexican hot chocolate. It combines the idea of food, the memory of a delicious warm beverage, as well as the moisturizing properties of organic sunflower oil and shea butter. That’s an all-around win-win situation right there.

Loquita Bath + Body Chocolate de Loquita Bath Bomb, $8,


Laromatica Limited Edition 2019 Discovery Set

These all-natural fragrances are awesome! It’s even better because it’s a little smorgasbord for your Taurean friend to choose from. These scents like matcha, coyote bush, royal amber, and super lav are sure to indulge their senses — they’ll absolutely love that. There is even a scent called opulence, is there anything more Taurus than that?

Laromatica Limited Edition 2019 Discovery Set, $30,

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