Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 15 Gifts for the Practical Taurus in Your Life

taurus, stubborn, holiday, shopping, gift guideA Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by their stubbornness, perseverance, and practicality. These are personality traits that may or may not be a good thing — it kind of depends on the context and what seems practical to them at the time. A Taurus on a mission is a thing to behold because they are never deterred from getting what they want. They are aligned with the symbol of the bull for a reason! Although we might never be able to break their focus once they set their mind to something, what we can do as gift-givers is appeal to their softer side. A Taurus loves to feel cozy and comforted. They love all things artsy, quirky, and beautiful. Luckily there are plenty of great gifts out there that can help them achieve just that. It might even take their intensity down a notch, but who knows. Here’s to hoping! And there are 15 gifts for the Taurean in your life.




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