This Is a Next Level Kind of Frida Love: Period Pads Just Got Artsy

Period pads are now an art statement, and I am loving it

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Period pads are now an art statement, and I am loving it. A while ago, I wrote about how women should never feel shamed for having a period, and how it’s actually an empowering part of womanhood. So it’s a little perplexing that Saba menstrual pads are now featuring, for a limited time only, Frida Kahlo sanitary pads. I really am floored, and here’s why.

I have a bit of mixed feelings over the Frida Kahlo image taking it to a whole new level of branding. The company itself — who have full access to Frida’s official branding – have partnered up with a variety of products from makeup brushes, compacts and more. So are these Frida pads too much?

I say no.

Getting your period isn’t the best feeling. In fact, in can be quite irritating and discomforting. So why not make it pleasant and even beautiful? Yes, getting your period isn’t fun but like I said before, it’s a huge part of womanhood and no one should ever make us feel less than because of it.

Frida Kahlo never hid from the pains of being a woman. In fact, her art was all about that. She painted the most raw images of what it is to be a woman and everything we endure because of that. Would she be a fan of Frida pads? Who knows, but she’d definitely have a thing or two to say about menstrual cycles. And if she painted her body cast when she was bed ridden, she’d probably make an art statement on her sanitary napkins as well.

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