Holiday Gift Guide for Your Latina Foodie Friends featuring Latinx-Owned Brands

Shopping for gifts for foodie friends is so much fun, especially if you’re a foodie yourself, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky

victoria coffee hiplatina


Shopping for gifts for foodie friends is so much fun, especially if you’re a foodie yourself, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky. You may not know every single cooking gadget or bit of decorative kitchen swag they already own, and of course you’d never want your gift to be a duplicate. So here, we’ve curated an awesome gift guide for Latinx foodies that’s full of unique, interesting and thoughtful holiday gift ideas for your favorite food-lover. These Latinx-owned brands include upgrades for their morning cafecito from Muchacha Coffee and the Oaxaca Cookbook all about authentic Mexican cuisine. Read on to find just the right gift for the foodie in your life or maybe even treat yo’self!


Victoria Coffee – Muchacha

victoria coffee hiplatina


There is nothing like a nice, strong cafécito to get the day started…or get you through that afternoon hump. Created by Muchacha, a Latina-owned coffee brand out of Colombia, the coffee is made via a process that prioritizes local farmers to roasters. We love all their blends but definitely recommend the Victoria, a medium roast avaialble as a whole bean or ground coffee.

Victoria Coffee by Muchacha, $18, available at wearemuchacha.comwp_*posts

Salut Drink Infusions

salut drink infusions hiplatina


Salut makes quality botanical drink infusions that can be mixed with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They are all-natural, contain no added sugar and are made from dried fruit and herbs, so they have a lovely concentrated flavor. Plus, everything is pre-measured so it’s perfect for a healthy drink on-the-go.

Salut Drink Infusions, $29, available at lovesalut.cowp_*posts

Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set – Artelexia

tribal oven mitt set hiplatina


This gorgeous tribal-inspired oven mitt and potholder set will add the perfect pop of color and Latinx inspiration to any kitchen, any time of year. The items are made from sturdy woven yarn, and feature several different colors, which means they can work with a variety of kitchen color schemes.

Oven Mitt and Pot Holder Set, $30, available at artelexia.comwp_*posts

Rainbow Serving Board – Mexico in my Pocket

rainbow serving board hiplatina


We are obsessing over these gorgeous rainbow serving boards from Mexico in My Pocket. They are crafted by Mexican artisans, and made from Caribbean walnut wood which is also known as Tzalam and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Each board measures 7.8 inches by 14.1 inches, and would be perfect for anything from displaying a charcuterie board to a fruit board.

Rainbow Serving Board, $85, available at mexicoinmypocket.comwp_*posts

Calivolve Chocolates

calivolve chocolates hiplatina


CBD-infused gourmet chocolates? Yes, please! The team over at Calivolve is creating high-quality chocolate treats using natural hemp extract and adventurous flavors like turmeric, lavender, chili lime and blood orange. They even offer some themed samplers—each with a specific intention—that would make perfect holiday gifts.

Calivolve Chocolates Collection Box, $25, available at calivolve.comwp_*posts

Porto’s Bakery Pastel de Guayaba

pastel de guayaba hiplatina


The iconic Porto’s Bakery has multiple locations in Los Angeles and it’s considered one of the best restaurants in the city mainly because of their famed baked good. The Cuban family-owned restaurant has started selling some of their most iconic desserts frozen and shipped straight to your door. While they have plenty of options, we’re fond of their signature Pastel de Guayaba, especially for gift giving. It’s such a classic treat that is emblematic of Cuban cuisine and famous for a reason.

Porto’s Bakery Pastel de Guayaba, $16.99/dozen, portosbakery.comwp_*posts

Oaxaca Cookbook

oaxaca cookbook hiplatina


Bricia Lopez is the owner of Oaxacan restaurant La Guelaguetza in Los Angeles serving up authentic dishes that are also the inspiration for her cookbook. Oaxaca: Home Cooking from the Heart of Mexico features 140 recipes that are described as the “soul food” of Mexican cuisine, and features dishes that utilize indigenous ingredients.

Oaxaca cookbook by Bricia Lopez, $29, Target.comwp_*posts

Papel Picado Placemats – Dirtsastudio

papel picado placemats hiplatina

Photo: Dirtsastudio/

These papel picado placemats are adorable and super-festive. They are the perfect gift for any foodie friend who loves to host, or even one who just likes the ritual of sitting down to eat at a set table every night. They also come in a number of different color ways and can be purchased as a set or mixed and matched.

Papel Picado Placemants, $45/4, available at Etsy.comwp_*posts

New World Sourdough Cookbook

new world sourdough hiplatina


This gorgeous cookbook by baker Bryan Ford, who is of Honduran descent, is the perfect guide to gift a foodie friend who is trying to learn to work with sourdough starters. It features from-scratch recipes for everything from classic, crusty loaves to New Orleans-style beignets. Who does love a good, homemade pancito? This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

New World Sourdough, $14, available at Amazon.comwp_*posts

Custom Tostonera – The Toothpick Shop

tostonera hiplatina

Photo: TheToothpickShop/

Anyone can buy a functional tostonera for a couple of bucks at the bodega, but a custom, handmade tostonera made out of beautiful red oak and laser engraved is definitely holiday gift-worthy. Each one of these kitchen tools is handmade and constructed with high-quality hinges so they should last a long time.

Custom Tostonera, $25, available at Etsy.comwp_*posts

Melinda’s Hot Sauce

melindas hot sauce hiplatina


Melinda’s is an awesome hot sauce brand that uses higher end ingredients to create sauces that aren’t just hot, but also flavorful. From black truffle flavor to super-spicy ghost pepper wing sauce, they offer a wide variety of flavors so you’ll definitely find an option your loved one will enjoy. We suggest gifting the Taste of Melinda’s Collection which features a bottle of each of the company’s six best-sellers.

A Taste of Melinda’s Collection, $40, available at melindas.comwp_*posts

Chulería En Pote Seasoning


chuleria en pote hiplatina


Puerto Rico’s Chef Ventura Vivoni has created an absolutely delicious line of seasonings based on the traditions of the island’s cuisine, and they are perfect for gifting. They are available in beautiful glass jars that come with a tiny wooden spoon for “measuring.” The three flavor bundle features a spicy seasoning, the traditional sazón and a criollo seasoning.

Chulería En Pote Three Flavor Bundle, $23,

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