Gift Guide: 12 Latinx-Owned Must-Have Wellness Products for Self Care

Over the last year it has become clear that prioritizing wellness is essential as we continue to experience life amid a pandemic. With self-care being a top priority, why not give a wellness gift this holiday season? Wellness can be everything from essential oils to nourishing teas to fitness. Brands like Brujita Skincare are making



Over the last year it has become clear that prioritizing wellness is essential as we continue to experience life amid a pandemic. With self-care being a top priority, why not give a wellness gift this holiday season? Wellness can be everything from essential oils to nourishing teas to fitness. Brands like Brujita Skincare are making natural skincare products to help with stress breakouts while fitfluencer Massy Arias  released launched a workout app to make fitness from your home more accessible. This guide features all Latinx-owned brands with products that are all about buenas vibras and helping you in all your self-care wellness routines.

The Essential Kit – Brujita Skincare



The Essential Kit from Brujita Skincare is perfect for anyone who is looking to transition their skincare routine to more natural ingredients. You get to pick and choose which products to put into this kit based on your skin type. From choosing a cleanser like the Santa Limpia which helps with acne or the Purple Reina for oily skin, each product works like magic for your skin. This is perfect for anyone who is looking for all-natural skincare to help them get that glow.

The Essential Kit, $70, available at



Sanara Skincare sells bath and body products intended to heal the mind, body, and soul. For that person that needs to just step away and heal, the Natural Bath Soak Ritual has ingredients like aloe vera, Jojoba oil, and pomegranate to help slow down the effects of aging and relieve stress. The lavender scent will bring peace and tranquility. Perfect for an at-home spa day!

Natural Bath Soak Ritual, $72, available at



You had us at detox, right? The Detox Artisan Facial Soap gently cleanses the skin without drying it out so it’s especially useful during the winter months. It’s made with natural ingredients including coconut oil, activated charcoal, and rose clay and it’s all made by hand by Boricua jefa Desirée Velazquez who launched her soap shop in 2019.

Detox Artisan Facial Soap, $12.50, available at

Berry Beautiful Infusion Pack – Salut



The Berry Beautiful Infusion Packs from Salut are great for that friend who loves making fun and healthy cocktails, mocktails, or flavored waters. Each pack is made with organic berries, black tea, and hibiscus flowers. Pair this with a bottle of vodka, whiskey, red wine, or coconut water. Take your gift a step further by including a mason jar, that way your friend will have everything they need to have a good time.

Berry Beautiful Infusion Pack, $18, available at

Holiday Yerba Mate Set – SoulMate



This is perfect for the tea lover in your life but especially mate, an herbal tea popular in countries including Argentina and Uruguay that’s grown in popularity thanks to being an antioxidant that promotes focus and decreases fatigue.The Holiday Yerba Mate set from SoulMate comes with a gourd cup traditionally used to drink mate, one spiral bombilla (straw), and Yerba mate loose leaves. Yerba mate is known for its high caffeine content so it’s also great for those looking to replace their cafecito without sacrificing the energy boost.

Holiday Yerba Mate Set, $37, available at

Warm and Cozy Box – Peach Box Co.



Peach Box Co is making our holiday season so much easier by creating these amazing gift boxes for all kinds of interests. The Warm and Cozy box includes hot cocoa, gourmet white chocolate mix, plush socks, a coffee mug, and haze incense. Anyone who enjoys sitting by the fire and taking time for themselves is going to love this gift that’s truly all about feeding the body and soul.



With ingredients like Jojoba seed oil and Evening Primrose oil, the Rejuvenating Botanical Oil from Bloomi will keep lady parts healthy and resilient. Not only will this oil seriously improve such a sensitive area, but it will moisturize any area prone to ingrown hairs from post shaving, waxing, or laser hair removal. Plus it smells amazing!

Rejuvenating Botanical Oil, $45.95, available at



The Mimis Time Shower Steamer from Loquita Bath takes our steamy showers to a new level with scents of lavender to help you decompress as that hot water soothes your aching muscles. This unique product is for shower use ONLY providing a sauna-like soothing experience without the time commitment of a bath.

Mimis Time Shower Steamer, $8, available at

Anxiety Essential Oil Blend – Xol y Luna



This pandemic has made everyone realize that our mental health is so important. The Anxiety Essential Oil Blend from Xol y Luna will give your friends the mental clarity they have been craving. Whether it be stressors from the outside world or the pressure of entertaining during the holidays, this hemp, sage, and coconut oil infused oil is the perfect gift for just that.

Anxiety Essential Oil Blend, $11, available at

Touch and Soothe – Xula



Xula is a Latinx and Black-owned CBD brand born in Mexico City Perfect that adapts ancestral herbal wisdom for modern-day self-care products.  for the fitness lover and people who are on their feet all day long, the Touch and Soothe balm relieves and protects your muscles, joints, and even your womb. Think of this like an upgraded version of your abuelita’s special pomada. The organic blend of herbs and oils help relieve inflammation and give your friends a soothing experience.

Touch and Soothe, $46, available at

Fitness App Subscription



Virtual workouts blew up during quarantine  and what could be better than gifting a subscription to a fitness-app or online gym? Fitfluencers like Massy Arias and Melissa Alcantara offer virtual exercise routines to their millions of followers. Arias’ MA Elevate Program gives you access to guided workouts as well as meal plans. Similarly, Alcantara created the FitGurlMel app with a 12-week program that welcomes all fitness levels. There are also local Latinx-owned gyms offering membership/classes/virtual courses including Babes of Wellness in Los Angeles and Queer Gym in Oakland, Calif., prices vary among each program.

Nubia Natalie Activewear



These cute and comfortable workout leggings are perfect for that one friend who is always down for a yoga sesh or morning hike. Nubia Natalie makes these great activewear pieces that are perfect for a gentle yoga class or an outdoor hike. What better way to motivate your friend to achieve their fitness goals than with some cute workout gear inspired by Indigenous designs?

Susana Legging Pant, $88, available at

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