Indigenous Stocking Stuffers
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Gift Guide: 12 Stocking Stuffers from Indigenous Brands You Need to Grab

With the holiday season already upon us, many of us are getting ready to go shopping and find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. But before you rush off to the mall, be sure to get as much as you can off your list by shopping from Indigenous brands, especially in honor of Native American Heritage Month! While we should be supporting Indigenous communities all year round, the holidays are the perfect time to support their work, whether it’s a skincare set from the Yukon Soaps Company or a mini sketchbook from Colouring It Forward. The best part? These products are ethically made with organic materials and are perfect to throw in a stocking or add to a gift bag as a finishing touch. Read on to learn more about 12 stocking stuffers from Indigenous-owned brands that you need to grab this gift-giving season!

Sustain Lip Kit – Red from Cheekbone Beauty

Indigenous brands 2022
Photo: cheekbonebeauty.com

Have a make-up lover in your life? The Sustain Lip Kit from Cheekbone Beauty is a must-have to create a classic red lip look! This three-piece set includes a blue-red lip pencil with matching buildable lipstick and lipgloss for shine. And bonus, it’s made with organic and ethically-sourced ingredients like sunflower seed oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. Look beautiful and be kind to the environment, too!

Sustain Lip Kit, $46, available at cheekbonebeauty.com

Peppermint Bark from Bedré Fine Chocolate

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: https://bedrechocolates.com/

A bag of peppermint bark from Bedré Fine Chocolate is the perfect gift for our loved ones with a sweet tooth! Created in the tradition of the Chickasaw Nation (the only Native American tribe in the nation to build a chocolate brand!), this classic holiday treat features white chocolate fudge with crunchy peppermint pieces.

Peppermint Park, $5.99, available at bedrechocolates.com.

Navajo Made Shimá Earth Soaps from 4Kinship

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: 4kinship.com

Support the Navajo Nation and smell good with Shimá Earth Soaps from 4Kinship. Made from sustainably-sourced oils and hand-gathered medicines from Navajo ancestral lands, these soap bars (which double as shampoos and scrubs) are perfect for dry and sensitive skin. They are available in four scents: Blue Corn with sage, pinion, wild sunflowers, and juniper ash; Navajo Tea with honey, yucca, carrot, lemon, and calendula oils; Grandmother Mountain with clay, rose, and lavender oils; and Prickly Pear with clay, cactus oil, and yucca extract.

Navajo Made Shimá Earth Soaps, $10, available at 4kinship.com.

Multi-Use Easy Glide Stick from Satya Organic

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: satyaorganics.com

Looking for another self-care product? Check out the Multi-Use Easy Glide Stick from Satya Organic. Also known as “The One,” this refillable twist stick is designed to moisturize and heal the skin including lips, arms, cheeks, and feet. It’s also made with all natural ingredients including oatmeal, almond oil, jojoba, and beeswax.

Multi-Use Easy Glide Stick, $29, available at satyaorganics.com.

Body Oil & Soap Combo from The Yukon Soaps Company

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: yukonsoaps.com

Get the best of both worlds with the Body Oil & Soap Combo from The Yukon Soaps Company! Choose from Herbal Sea, Petals + Patchouli, Yukon Wild Rose, Spice Boy, Lavender, Romancing The Soap, and Unscented soaps. The matching body oil is perfect to apply to the body post-shower or add to a bubble bath.

Body Oil & Soap Combo, $17, available at yukonsoaps.com.

Eucalyptus Bath Bomb from Sisters Sage

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: sisterssage.com

For an elevated bath experience, you can’t go wrong with a Eucalyptus Bath Bomb from Sisters Sage! Originally used as a medicinal remedy for colds, eucalyptus is also great for relaxation, cleansing, and self-care in the bath. Even better, grab several bath bombs and hand them out to all your loved ones (maybe keeping one for yourself)!

Eucalyptus Bath Bomb, $7, available at sisterssage.com.

Stoney Nakoda Art Sketchbook from Colouring It Forward

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: colouringitforward.com

Grab the Stoney Nakoda Art Sketchbook from Colouring It Forward for the artist in your life! Featuring artwork entitled “On Sacred Grounds” by Stoney Nakoda artist Gordon Wesley, this small black sketchbook is the perfect size for a holiday stocking to promote creativity, fun, and exploration. Pick up enough for the whole family!

Stoney Nakoda Art Sketchbook, $5, available at colouringitforward.com.

Sagrado Vida Blush from Prados Beauty

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: pradosbeauty.com

The Sagrado Vida Blush from Indigenous and Latina-owned beauty brand Prados Beauty is a great finishing touch to any make-up look and gift package! Available in soft pink with cool tones, subtle shimmer, and a matte finish, it’s perfect for any and all skin tones. Plus, the formula is  vegan and cruelty-free.

Sagrado Vida Blush, $20, available at pradosbeauty.com.

Together We Overcome Obstacles Print from Birchbark Native Arts

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: birchbarknativearts.com

Elevate the home decór of a loved one with the Together We Overcome Obstacles Print from Birchbark Native Arts made by Cree and Mohawk artist Chholing Taha. Including a backing board and plastic sleeve, this print is ready to gift! The art itself features a turtle to represent the thirteen moons, along with depictions of jingle dancers, constellations, and various sacred symbols of Cree culture.

Together We Overcome Obstacles Print, $26, available at birchbarknativearts.com.

Beast Collective Earrings from Trickster Company

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: trickstercompany.com

For the jewelry enthusiast in your life, be sure to pick up a pair of Beast Collective Earrings from Trickster Company! This unique design designed by artist Rico Worl features various beast characters to represent synergy, community, activism, and protection of sacred lands. They are available to purchase in cherry wood or plastic acrylic in the colors red, yellow, black, white, and clear—and they’re hypoallergenic, too!

Beast Collective Earrings, $36, available at trickstercompany.com.

Inukshuk- Medium/Dark Roast from Birch Bark Coffee

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: birchbarkcoffeecompany.com

For our homegirls that can’t survive without coffee, the Inukshuk- Medium/Dark Roast from Birch Bark Coffee is a must-have! This fair trade dark roast contains whole coffee beans from the ASOBAGRI co-up and the CCDA, a co-op in Guatemala that advocates for the rights of Indigenous and Campesino workers. Your loved ones won’t enjoy a fresher cup of coffee that does good.

Inukshuk- Medium/Dark Roast, $14, available at birchbarkcoffeecompany.com.

Indigenous Shirt from OgokiWild

Indigenous brands 2022
Image: etsy.com

Add a special touch to your holiday stockings with this Indigenous Shirt from OgokiWild! The unique design celebrates the diversity of Indigenous peoples, embraces Indigenous and Native cultures, and shows off  Indigenous heritage with pride. The shirt is made with soft, machine-friendly fabric and is available in a wide range of sizes.

Indigenous Shirt, $25.20, available at etsy.com.