Jennifer Lopez is a Legit Queen in ‘El Anillo’ Music Video and We Can’t Deal

If you thought Jennifer Lopez’s live debut of her new song “El Anillo” at the Billboard Latin Music Awards last Thursday was hot — wait until you watch the music video! Sure, the lyrics are super sexy and seductive, but the sparkly outfits she’s seen wearing are what really grasped my attention — to be

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Before I break down the looks, let’s talk about the concept of the video itself please. This thing had Game of Thrones written all over it and I was really impressed by a lot of the graphics.

J.Lo’s first look was fire. I can’t get over how good she looked in that head-to-toe gold ensemble. Talk about Latina royalty!

That crown, though?

In one scene she’s wearing what looks like black lingerie accessorized with a crown because why not, right?

That sexy nude, metal-dress situation was sexy AF. She wore a very similar one at her Latin Billboards performance last week.

My personal favorite was when she dressed up like the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia. Those white dreads were everything.

The outfits didn’t end there — of course! There was so much more, you start to lose count after a while.

On a side note, rumor has it this song is about J.Lo wanting Alex Rodriguez to finally propose already. The lyrics certain seem to suggest so.

“Nunca habia sentido algo tan grande/Y me vuelve loca tu lado salvaje/Tu me has dado tanto que he estado pensando/Ya lo tengo todo, pero/¿Y el anillo pa’ cuando?”

A.Rod better get shopping because something tells me this queen isn’t about to wait around too long.

Check out the full music video below. You won’t be disappointed!

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