24 Dope Pieces of Jewelry that Shout Out Latinx Culture

Jewelry is generally seen as fabulous, but there is an extra bit of pride and nostalgia when it also has something to do with Latinx culture

Photo: Unsplash: @mocno

Photo: Unsplash: @mocno

Jewelry is generally seen as fabulous, but there is an extra bit of pride and nostalgia when it also has something to do with Latinx culture. It makes us want to buy certain pieces of jewelry even more. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find a lot of great Latinx-themed accessories, so we wanted to help our gente out and find the best statement pieces for y’all to rock.

We found 24 pieces of Latinx-inspired jewelry that you’ll want to add to your online cart ASAP. As always, we tried to include a variety of accessories that reflect different cultures within Latin America, including some great African and Indigenous-inspired items.


YASSS Reina Ponte Las Pilas Cuff Bracelet

Photo: YAASSS Reina/Etsy

We all need a reminder to get our ish together and ponerse  las pilas. This pretty cuff bracelet by YAASSS Reina serves the reminder, in the most stylish way.

Available on etsy.com, $25


XIXI Faith and Familia Necklace

Adrienne Bailon-Houghton’s jewelry line XIXI has many pieces you’ll want to snatch up. Like the Faith and Familia Pendant necklace. It features a religious charm on a rosary-like chain and is all 14k gold, plated over brass. The 19″ length, plus 3″ extension makes this perfect for layering.

Available on shopxixi.com, $30


Honey B Gold La Aguila Necklace (and Aztec Calendar Necklace)

Honey B Gold created by LA native Natalia Gold (a.k.a. Natalia Durazo) is inspired by the designer’s “nightlife experiences with hip-hop, art, and fashion.” There is a healthy dose of Chicanx/Mexican/and Latinx cultures here, along with plenty of items you’ll have trouble choosing between. This La Aguila necklace layered with the brand’s Aztec Calendar necklace is a little shout-out to Mexican culture and pride.

Available on honeybgold.bigcartel.com, $30


Bella Doña Morena Anklet

Photo: Bella Doña

Another brand repping Chicanx culture and chola culture hard is Bella Doña. They take old-school yet still relevant cultural identifiers, like Old English lettering, gold jewelry, airbrushing, lowriders, Spanish words and more to create items that take us back and makes us want to continue the tradition. Their Morena anklet features a chunky, gold-plated curb chain and Old English letters.

Available on bella-dona.com, $26


MimsterShopCo Pupusas Por Vida Pin

Photo: MimsterShopCo/Etsy

Designed by a Salvadoreña, these super cute pupusas pin by Mimster, available on Etsy, is just saying what we all know to be true. We’re definitely getting this.

Available on etsy.com, $9


Hija de tu Madre Jefa Necklace

We are all jefas of our lives, many of our business, our households, and our families. Wear the name with pride with this Hija de tu Madre’s Jefa Necklace. The Old English lettering is badass and the 16″ length is great for layering with longer necklaces.

Available at hijadetumadre.com, $46.99


Gilded Nopal Migration is Beautiful Pin

Photo: GildedNopal/Etsy

Migration is beautiful and an equally beautiful symbol of this is the monarch butterfly. Each year, these butterflies migrate to and from Canada and the U.S. to Mexico and later return, making them a fitting symbol for the many Latinx people who have decided to migrate to the U.S. This Migration is Beautiful pin by Gilded Nopal is a wonderful way to show your support for the natural process of immigration.

Available at etsy.com, $10


Luna Sangre Los Andes Llama Earrings

Photo: LunaSangre/Etsy

These cool earrings by Luna Sangre are a stylish representation of the Andes and Andean culture. They’re also a great work of art –llamas, and mountains handpainted on canvas with acrylic paint. This is one of those rare accessories that are so unique that everyone will be asking you where you got it.

Available at etsy.com, $33-$36


Viva Las Calaveras Pan Dulce Conchita Stud Earrings

Photo: Viva Las Calaveras/Etsy

We’re digging these adorable concha earrings by Viva Las Calaveras. Other must-see items in Liz Zambrano’s Etsy store include personalized lockets surrounded by handcrafted roses, nopal heart pins, and Dia de Los Muertos sugar skull earrings.

Available at etsy.com, $15


Chula Maiz Jewelry Coyolxauhqui’s Post Earrings


According to Mayan mythology, Coyolxauhqui is the goddess of the moon. The meaning of her name is associated with bells, so these earrings are a fitting tribute. Chula Maiz’s Coyolxauhqui’s Earrings are made from etched brass, with sterling silver posts, and feature a cool, geometric, and almost bell-shaped design.

Available at chulamaiz.com, $75


BORiCUBi Handpainted Latina Caribbean Bailarina Folklorico Wood Brooch

Photo: BORiCUBi/Etsy

Jolin Miranda’s BORiCUBi Etsy shop features art that celebrates Afro-Latinx and Latinx beauty in all its shades. We love her Celia Cruz and Frida Kahlo pins but wanted to specifically point out her Afro-Latina Caribbean Folkloric Dancer brooch.

Available at etsy.com, $20


ThaiGemstonesStore 24k Gold Plated Pre-Colombian Zenu Filigree Earrings

Photo: ThaiGemstonesStore/Etsy

The Indigenous cultures of Latin America have given us some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world. These 24k-gold plated earrings by the ThaiGemstonesStore on Etsy pay homage to the Zenu people of Colombia’s Caribbean plains and are absolutely stunning.

Available at etsy.com, $39.99


Simply.M Anillo Mi Bella Isla Puerto Rico Ring

Photo: Simply.M/Etsy

We all love Puerto Rico, and this sweet ring is a great way to show it (so is all of us finding ways to help the island in its recovery). Simply.M created an adorable wrap ring that features the island on one side and a heart on the other.

Available at etsy.com, $25


HoneyBGold La Guadalupana Tri-Color Charm Bracelet

Honey B Gold’s jewelry is super on point, so it’s no surprise that we are featuring another dope accessory from the line. This time, it’s the La Guadalupana Tri-Color Charm Bracelet, an homage to la Virgen de Guadalupe, as well as chola, Chicanx, Mexican, and Latinx cultures. Added bonus? It features three different metal colors – silver, gold, and rose gold–making it a jewelry piece that will go with almost everything.

Available at honeybgold.bigcartel.com, $22


Jules Society Honduras Coin Pendant Choker

Photo: Jules Society/Etsy

There are not enough dope items — especially jewelry —that shout-out Honduran culture and history. The accessory, by Jules Society, features a Honduran coin, suspended between a thick curb chain. Note: this necklace is also available with the Dominican Republic and Argentina coins.

Available at etsy.com, $48


Gem Accessories Latina Bracelet

Photo: GemAccessoriesShop/Etsy

Show off your Latinx pride with this pretty bangle by Gem Accessories. It’s great alone, or as part of an arm stack, and comes in three different colors (silver, gold, and rose gold).

Available at etsy.com, $12-$15


ArtAndean Silver Condor Earrings

Photo: ArtAndean/Etsy

Another Andean shout-out, to a South American culture, are these beautiful sterling silver condor earrings, handmade by the Quechua people of Peru. In addition to silver, they also feature onyx, shell, stone, and other semiprecious stones from the area. Added bonus? They also come in a variety of color combinations.

Available at etsy.com, $78


Stoop Sale BKYLN Nueva York Necklace

Photo: Stoop Sale BKLYN/Etsy

Whether you’re from New York, consider it a second home, or just love it, this stylish Nueva York necklace from Stoop Sale BKLYN is for you. There’s also a cool necklace that says El Bronx and other NYC options.

Available at etsy.com, $39


Bella Doña Chingona Ring

Because we’re all chingonas in charge of our life, we’re about to add this Bella Doña Chingona Ring to our cart to make that sh*t known.

Available at bella-dona.com, $46


Hija de tu Madre Latina + Latinx Necklaces

Whether you like using the term Latina, or Latinx, or both, Hija de tu Madre has the accessory for you.

Available at hijadetumadre.com, $46.99, and $46.99


Puffi Penguin South America Wooden Engraved Earrings

Photo: Puffi Penguin/Etsy

South Americans can kinda feel left out when it comes to some of the coolest Latinx merchandise that’s out there. So when we do see cute items that specifically shout out those Latinxs who are way south of the border, we get stoked. These cute engraved wood South America earrings, by Puffi Penguin, are handmade in Chile and available on Etsy.

Available at etsy.com, $10


Mano y Metal Fuerza Thin Bar Double-Finger Ring

Photo: Mano y Metal

If there is one thing that Latina women are known for — it’s our strength. That’s why we love this Fuerza Double-Finger ring by Mano y Metal. It’s a proclamation and a celebration of our fuerza, but also a kick-ass reminder when we need to remember exactly who TF we are.

Available at manoymetal.com, $20


Dareaccessories Afrocentric Hammered Cuff Earrings

Photo: Dareaccessories/Etsy

Latinx culture is African culture, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. We love embracing and celebrating our Afro-Latina roots and encouraging others to do the same. So of course, we had to include African and Afro-Latinx jewelry on this fab list. Dareaccessories makes the prettiest, bold accessories (check out their gorgeous Fulani hoops), including these Afro-centric mixed-metal cuffs that can be worn two different ways.

Available at etsy.com, $30


Fanesha Fabre Art Store Blue Cookie Tin “Mentira” Pin

Photo: Fanesha Fabre Art Store/Etsy

This pin by Fanesha Fabre Art Store literally made me feel so nostalgic. A popular Latinx pastime as a child was opening the blue Royal Dansk cookie tin thinking there were Danish butter cookies in there, only to be met with sewing supplies. Mentiras! It’s culturally-influenced products like these (and moments) that unite us as a people.

Available at etsy.com, $1.50

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