J.Lo Promotes New Shoe Line but Who’s Going to Tell Her No One Is Shopping Right Now?

We’re all coping with the stay-at-home requirement during this coronavirus health crisis

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We’re all coping with the stay-at-home requirement during this coronavirus health crisis. We’re managing as best as we can by staying busy. Some of us can do this better than others. Take, for example, Jennifer Lopez, the queen of boss mode. The woman never takes a day off, but she is at home just like us. The thing is J.Lo doesn’t have a regular 9-to-5 job either, which means her quarantine routine is a bit different from the average person. 

Lopez has been on her A-game on Instagram for a while now. When she’s not posting hot and sexy pictures of herself, she’s keeping us updated about A.Rod and the rest of the fam or promoting her latest projects. She recently has been teasing for a couple of days now that she has a new shoe line coming out with DSW. Well, yesterday it launched. 

“I’m home, hoping you’re all safe,” she posted on Instagram. “Here is a little something to maybe brighten your day… I’m so proud to launch my new footwear collection, available now at @DSW! 👠✨ DSW.com/JLo

#JLOJenniferLopez #StaySafe.”

The collection is pretty fabulous, and looking at her post is a nice distraction, but who’s thinking about buying shoes online right now when people are freaking out over toilet paper?

In an interview with Elle, Lopez about up about how she’s currently working from home but still making the most out of the situation by staying upbeat.  

Everybody’s quarantined, and the world is upside-down and crazy. So we’ve gotta make lemonade out of lemons right now, don’t we? We have to find ways to focus and work from home, but also finding things to keep our spirits high.” She added, “This situation if we’re lucky enough to be healthy — and if you are, be grateful — but if you’re healthy and home, it’s a real reset button for so many of us.”

Yes, we’re definitely feeling the “reset button” thing, but shopping for boots and stilettos is not really the priority right now, is it? We definitely want to keep the economy afloat by stimulating the market. But we’re also thinking about making responsible purchases. 

Oh, here’s another thing to feel guilty (or inspired by!), J.Lo is also keeping busy by working out (not at the gym, because they’re closed) but at home because she can. 

If I sound out of breath, it’s not because I’m sick,” she told Elle. “It’s because I’m working out! My [DSW] sneakers have quite a lift in them, actually,” she said. “You know the sneakers with the really sick bottoms, like Balenciaga? That’s the kind I like. I mean, I’ll always take an extra half an inch if I can get it. Absolutely.”

Ugh! We get it, J.Lo, you can do it all. But a lot of us probably won’t be shoe shopping anytime soon. 

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