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Jennifer Lopez Now Has Something In Common With Donald Trump And Bill Cosby

Who doesn’t like Jennifer Lopez? Who?!

That’s the question we are wondering today after TMZ revealed that J.Lo’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame had been vandalized overnight. But why?


J.Lo now joins an infamous club of people who’ve had their star vandalized. That list includes President Donald Trump, who is basically hated by countless, and Bill Cosby, who is also despised by many. So we can understand why Trump and Cosby’s star were hit by vandals but J.Lo?

The bizarre part is that the vandalism found on her star makes no sense. It’s a just squiggly line that could be an eight. But upon further inspection it looks like an X. People on social media were very much surprised that someone would deface her star as she has really done nothing wrong.

Now we know lots of celebs have haters. The only people that we can think that might be perhaps acting out against J.Lo is A.Rod’s ex-wife. You may recall, Alex Rodriguez and his ex-wife are going through child support hearings and we know J.Lo has mettled in their affairs. But we can hardly believe anyone from her team would go that far. It’s all very strange.

Here’s what people on Twitter are saying about this weird occurrence:

“Someone literally spray painted on JLo’s Hollywood walk of fame star… WHO ARE WE FIGHTING?”

“Standing with – her poor star was vandalized! Why are people so mean? @ Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

“I’m so enraged right now about that vandalizing JLo’s star. Why you guys are like that? Even just JLo breathes, you bashes her. I’m just gonna pray for you and your life.”

We’re sure her star will be repaired as soon as possible, but this act of vandalism is surely to have J.Lo looking behind her shoulders.