Jennifer Lopez Pays Tribute to Selena by Singing “Si Una Vez” in San Antonio

Texas is synonymous with Selena Quintanilla

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Texas is synonymous with Selena Quintanilla. The two go hand in hand, which is why a slew of artists have been singing tributes to the late Tejano singer whenever they’re in the Lone Star state. This latest tribute, however, is different. Jennifer Lopez kicked off her “It’s My Party” tour and on Friday sang Selena’s “Si Una Vez” but concertgoers sort of knew this was coming.

Before the concert, Lopez tweeted her followers, “Whenever I get to Texas I remember the beautiful time I spent here doing the movie Selena!! See you tonight San Antonio!! #selenaforever #selenaappreciationpost #channelingmyinnerselena #Iloveyouselena #itsmypartytour.”

And sure enough, that night, Lopez walked out on stage and said, “I have a lot of good memories here in Texas.” The crowd went wild. Then fans yelled out, “Selena!” and Lopez said, “yes, Selena.” She then said, “what, you want to hear a little Selena?” She then took a sip of water  —  but not just from any water bottle. She brought out the blinged out cup.

Lopez asked the audience what song they would like to hear. “I know what my favorite song is,” Lopez said. She then went into it like the star she is. She began by doing Selena’s signature hand twirl and then belted out “Si Una Vez” like a champ.

Jared Pereid tweeted, “Anything for Selenas @JLo! What a show you put on tonight in San Antonio! God bless you! What a talent. An unforgettable night! Thank you! You know we were gonna ask for some Selena! #JLOItsMyParty #Selena.”

There’s just no way you can deny Selena in Texas, especially if you played the breakthrough role yourself. And we must say, Lopez, is doing a better Selena now than ever before. Adrian Garcia tweeted, “Okay, @JLo! Thank you for honoring @SelenaLaLeyenda & blessing #SanAntonio with a performance! You definitely made it THAT much special! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #Selena.”

That early birthday message comes just a couple of weeks shy of Lopez’s 50th birthday on July 24, hence the name of the tour. And because it’s a monumental birthday, the Bronx star is making this tour a huge celebration, including by bringing out her daughter Emme to sing on stage with her in Los Angeles.

“So many gifts this bday tour is bringing me,” Lopez posted on Instagram, “and this is one of my favorites…. sharing the stage and singing with my lil coconut…my heart is full…she is #limitless.”

Her daughter definitely embodies her mom’s star quality, right? Okay, without further ado, here’s Lopez covering “Si Una Vez” and let us know what you think of this rendition.

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