Karol G’s “Ocean” Album Is Proving to Be a Big Hit

Releasing a debut album can be terrifying for any music artist or band

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Releasing a debut album can be terrifying for any music artist or band. If a debut album is a hit, then it’s common knowledge in the music industry that the second release will be cursed with the sophomore jinx and will tank in the charts. The curse is that a second album cannot live up to the hype of the first one. There’s at least one artist that not only broke the curse but is shining at the top.

Colombian reggaeton singer and songwriter, Karol G had her sophomore album Ocean debut at No. 2, but wait there’s more. Karol G is seeing her album score the biggest week this year in the Latin charts by a Latina music artist. Good for her! The star, who’s dating fellow music artist Anuel AA, broke the stride that was last set by Shakira in 2017.

To be honest, I had big expectations with Ocean,” Karol G said in an interview with Billboard. “It was an album in which I focused more on the personal side rather than fit commercially. I set aside the urban act and simply made versatile music with a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar, and reggae elements. There is a bit of everything and shows who Carolina truly is.”

“It was incredible to see how the audience perceived me and how they enjoyed getting to know me, my soul, my heart,” she added. “To see that my album debuted at No. 2 shows me that people still long for more organic love. I’m extremely happy and definitely want to shoot for No. 1, so there’s still lots to do.”

We know she has the tunes to get there too. She’s been touring nonstop, including show dates with her man. The pair faced a bit of controversy recently, which was aimed at him more than her. Anuel AA got an immense amount of backlash after he questioned Ivy Queen’s title of “Queen of Reggeaton.” He said on social media that Ivy Queen hadn’t had a hit in years and that his girlfriend Karol G deserved the title.

Then, weeks later at the 2019 Latin Billboard Awards, Anuel AA backtracked a bit while answering questions on the red carpet. When asked if he would collaborate with Ivy Queen, he said he would. Karol G tried to do crowd control by saying she loved Ivy Queen and has worked with her in the past.

The sophomore curse is officially a thing of the past, thanks to Karol G, of course!

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