7 Times Latina Celebs Have Helped Others by Sharing Their Struggles

Hollywood, for a long time, has been a hush hush, everything-is-perfect town

Photo: Unsplash/@kaimantha

Photo: Unsplash/@kaimantha

Hollywood, for a long time, has been a hush hush, everything-is-perfect town. Celebrities were taught to pretend their lives are flawless, and let their PR take care of everything else. God forbid there would be a scandal, and the public would have to—gasp—find out their favorite icons are normal, or worse, monsters.

A wonderful shift has happened in the last few decades. Celebrities are sharing more of themselves, their lives, and their struggles. We are privy to their imperfections, and in the process, they have become more relatable. The following seven instances are times when Latina celebs have shared their struggles, for the benefit of their fans.


Demi Lovato Shares Her Addiction Journey


Addiction is a disease that make those with it feel embarrassed, ashamed, and withdrawn. It is tough to share an addiction with others, but that’s exactly what Demi Lovato has done. She is open about where she is in her recovery journey, serving as an inspiration for others.


Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa Bring Attention to Lupus

Selena Gomez shared that BFF Francia Raisa had saved her life by giving her a kidney. Gomez has been open about her lupus, helping to educate the world on the disease and how it affects her health.


Cyn Santana Talks About Postpartum Depression

Reality star Cyn Santana gave birth to her son in 2017. She recently revealed that she is suffering with postpartum depression, and gave her support and encouragement to other moms going through the same situation.


Mariah Carey Reveals She is Bipolar


Mariah Carey is known for her glamorous life and being in charge of her image. This didn’t stop the diva from admitting that she has bipolar disorder. The revelation definitely helps in diminishing the stigma of mental illness, and gives others hope.


Jenni Rivera Inspires with Her “Unbreakable” Spirit


Teen pregnancy. Abuse. Marriages that shattered her family life, and so many more struggles. Jenni Rivera was such a boss, partly because she was a triumphant survivor. But we wouldn’t know that and be inspired by that, if Jenni wasn’t brave enough to share with us her life experiences and lessons learned.


Adrienne Bailon Shares Pregnancy Struggle

In the Latino culture, we assume that we are naturally super fertile. Everyone is different, however, and there are many Latinas who have difficulty getting pregnant (or can’t get pregnant at all). Adrienne Bailon thought she would conceive easily, but that hasn’t been the case. She has generous and transparent enough to share her experience with viewers of her show, and the public.


Salma Hayek Says “Me Too”

Salma Hayek is strong. She uses her voice to stand up for many things, and made the choice to speak up during the #MeToo Movement. Hayek wrote about the sexual harassment and physical threats she suffered while filming Frida with disgraced former producer Harvey Weinstein.

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