9 Latina Celebs With No Shame In Their Faja Game

We all know that celebrities aren’t perfect – it’s all an illusion! Part of this illusion is keeping the waist snatched, the tummy smooth, and the curves where they need to be. A secret as long as time itself in Latino culture (and beyond) for achieving this is the trusty faja, a.k.a. girdles, shapewear, and/or corsets. Some well known Latina celebs have no shame in their faja game – here are nine you know very well. (Note: Just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean you have to wear any faja or shapewear. Do you!)

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara faja

Sofia Vergara/Pinterest

Sofia Vergara’s figure is legendary. It will make us all feel better to know she uses fajas. In fact, Sofia launched her own collection, featuring nine pieces of shapewear, in 2013, as part of her Sofia by Sofia Vergara brand for Kmart. “Usually, when I go to an event I wear shapewear.…It’s not to hold anything in, but to smooth everything out.…But I do have to wear a bra with everything.” she revealed to WWD.




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